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Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2017, 05:49

you must start by placing a floating bobber on their line

Let me tell you a story about a friend of
mine Cheap Authentic MLB
, who started his life as a little country boy from Nigeria. He
was very poor, as most in that country are, but he worked hard and managed to
get through college and earn a degree as an Investment Analyst. I'll call him
Eric, but that's not his real name.

He went to work for a company in his
country that did business with many other countries, handling their investments
in Nigeria and the neighboring area. One day a Russian client came into the
office, and was introduced to Eric.

The Russian man had a question about
a contract that was prepared for use in the USA. Eric looked over it, and in two
minutes told the Russian man that the contract was terrible. After some
discussion about this, the Russian was so taken with Eric's abilities that he
offered him a job in the USA and paid him $2,500 in cash as a sign-on

Eric was stunned. $2,500 in his country at that time was like
instant wealth!

But now Eric was faced with a decision. He was a country
boy, and had a hard enough time living in the city of Benin in his home country
of Nigeria. He spoke English, but with a heavy accent that was sometimes hard to
understand. He would be taking on some hefty responsibility for a major bank in
the USA, a country he had never even visited before. He was scared to

What would he do? Would he decline the offer out of fear of the
unknown? Would he let the risk prevent him from bettering his life and that of
his family?

I got to listen to Eric's story, one on one, the other day.
It was truly fascinating what he'd been through and how he'd handled it

Eric was happy to say that no, he had not turned down the job. He
took it Cheap MLB Jerseys ,
and despite the trials and difficulties, he did very well with it. Now he and
his family all live here in the USA, and Eric owns a prosperous mortgage loan

When I asked him what helped him to overcome the understandable
fears he had before taking the job, this is what he told me - and I will never
forget it:

"Jon," he said, "if you think low you will stay

Truer words have never been spoken! If you THINK you cannot do
better for yourself than you are doing right now, you never will. If you THINK
that others can succeed, but not you, it will come true. What you THINK will be
fulfilled in what you do.

Now, if a poor country boy from Nigeria can do
the work and see the rewards, eventually moving to a wealthy country and owning
a successful business - although he's a foreigner and still has a pretty heavy
accent that is sometimes hard to understand - what's preventing you?

it fear? Is it the risk of loss? Is it because although you don't like your
current situation, it's familiar - comfortable - and you're resisting the change
that is needed to bring success?

If so, you're not alone. Physics tells
us that everything in the universe takes the path of least resistance. When you
drop a ball, it always falls down, because there's no resistance to it falling
down. It doesn't go up, because that would require it to struggle against

People are no different. By
nature Cheap Jerseys From
, we are inclined to take the path of least resistance, to do
whatever is easiest. It requires effort to get out of our rut and make things
happen for ourselves.

But, like Eric, you can do it if you THINK HIGH,
not low. Don't put yourself down or convince yourself that where you are now is
where you're doomed to be. And don't let trials or difficulties make you feel
inadequate. The best of the best in every endeavor had trouble getting

Stop thinking low, or you will stay low. Think high and you will
reach your dreams - no matter how high they may be.
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