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Samstag, 23. November 2019, 02:36

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Brief introduction of communication
Communication antenna is a technology-intensive industry ,
and it was primarily used in the military field in the earliest time. And with
the rapid development of the civilian mobile communications market, civilian
communications antenna also obtains rapid growth. In accordance with the
purposes, the civilian communications antennas can be divided into three
categories: a base station antenna, indoor distributed antenna and terminal
antenna. Terminal antenna refers to the client interface for mobile devices, is
the essential key electronic components for mobile phones, laptops and
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wireless POS machines and other wireless terminals, such as parabolic wifi

wifi antenna

Development of terminal antenna
rapid development of the wireless communication terminal industry drives the
terminal antenna surge in demand. With a variety of wireless communication
technologies have emerged and the rapid development of the global wireless
communications terminal equipment, bringing the prosperity in the terminal
antenna market, terminal antennas annual shipments in excess of one billion
since 2006. In addition, due to the advantages of terminal wifi antenna with
small size, support for high-speed mobile basket air
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, high communication stability, support a variety of
wireless connection technology terminal antenna to a variety of mobile handheld
devices, automotive, logistics, sensor, and surveillance systems in areas such
as development chaussure air max france ,
its market size and rapid expansion with the growth of these

Wide application in the world
The downstream industry
develops at high speed, which significantly accelerates global application. The
mobile phone industry: the mobile phone industry has a huge market capacity, and
the market development is mainly driven by demand in emerging markets and the 3G
market. By the impact of the global financial crisis in 2010, global mobile
phone shipments 1.18 billion, with a 3.5% growth in the same period last year,
the growth rate declined over the previous year; 2012 global mobile phone
shipment growth rate for the first time negative growth expected full-year
handset shipments decreased to 1.13 billion. India air max
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, Brazil, Latin America and other emerging markets
have strong demand for mobile phones which has become a new growth point in the
global mobile phone sales. With the maturity of 3G technology, the global 3G
terminal shipments will maintain rapid growth. The reviving of the global
economic situation as well as the double factors to promote, it is expected that
it will maintain steady growth in the global range of the mobile phone. There is
no doubt, this trend will still be kept in high speed, for there are more and
more demand in the modern mobile techonolgy.

Foshan Yingjie
Communication Equipment Co. air max france , Ltd.
concentrates on researching, designing, producing and selling indoor and outdoor
antennas including wifi antenna, LTE antenna, dual band antenna, VHF
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, etc. It was founded in 1989 and now it is one of the
famous communication antenna designers, manufacturers and solution suppliers in

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February 19, 2009
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have to ask what television will seem like when it all moves online. Well as
luck would have it, it already has, and yo...

The good news is Internet TV has come of age - it is called
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, you have to ask what television will seem like when it all
moves online.

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