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Montag, 14. Januar 2019, 07:32

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A newly-released report by China Academy of Social Sciences has shed some
light on the impact of the changed educational structure on dating and marriage
in China Tim Williams
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, Guangzhou Daily reported.

From 2000 to 2010, the marriage rate for postgraduates continued to drop, the
report said Chris Wormley
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, with the rate for women falling below 50 percent in
2010. The situation is particularly striking in the group aged between 25 to 34.

The change in the gender ratio on the top educational hierarchy might have
contributed to the trend, according to the report.

Figures indicate that women with master degrees outnumbered men in the 20 to
29 age group by 2010.

The report explained that ideally both women and men would prefer their other
halves with the same educational level, while most Chinese would expect the male
to have a higher educational level than their female partners.

This preference didn't change much during the past years Tyus Bowser Ravens
, it was claimed. However, with a drop in the number of
highly-educated men, young and well-educated women may have to lower their
expectations Maxx Williams
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, it was added.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- The 20-year-old Anna Korakaki from Greece
beat German shooter Monica Karsch 8-6 to win the women's 25m pistol title at the
Olympic Shooting Center here on Tuesday.

It was the second Rio medal for Korakaki, as the Olympic debutant took home a
bronze from the women's 10m air pistol two days ago.

"I can say it helped me because my mentality has changed," said Korakaki
about the feeling of entering the range with a medal in hand.

"I already won a medal two days ago."

It was her first gold in international competitions.

Korakaki began shooting at the age of twelve. Her father Anastassios has
trained her since then.

"There are some difficulties when you have your parent as a coach," said

"When you live in the same house and are with each other 24 hours a day, it
is a lot.

"The balance is delicate, but we have good chemistry."

Two Olympic medals are good enough for the 20-year-old talent to start her
career, and she was expecting more.

"Goals never stop, so I am dreaming of more medals in my career," she said.

Korakaki started the final by leading at 6-0, only to see Karsch win three
straight series to level the score 6-6. In the decisive round, Korakaki hit four
out of her five targets, while Karsch only managed three, which meant Korakaki
finally got the victory.

"My husband is here and I think we go to celebrate today," said the silver

"My family is at home watching the TV and I think they celebrate too."

The 47-year-old Swiss veteran Heidi Diethelm Gerber defeated Chinese talent
Zhang Jingjing 8-4 to finish with the bronze.

World No. 1 Zhang did a good job in the qualification stage, shooting 299
points in the final three rounds to score 592, refreshing the Olympic record.

Zhang started the semifinal well, but missed a few targets in the following

Gerber shot a great bronze-medal match against Zhang, hitting at least three
targets in each of the six rounds to harvest her first Olympic medal.

"It was very close and it is quite hard to shoot so many series," said Gerber
about the competition for the bronze medal.

"But it was OK."

When deciding on a locksmith you’ll want to be mindful of what to search for.
An important considerationwill be to consider the locksmith鈥檚 business record
coupled with the services they can supply. It truly is beneficial when they can
provide you with emergency locksmith services, for use if you lock yourself out
of your home or business or have the misfortune to be burgled by using forced
entry of the lock. As you search for a locksmith, take into account the

Is he she Certified As well as Bonded?
Is the Locksmith Licensed in your
Does the Locksmith indicate their license number on their
Do they Offer Free Estimates?
Is the Locksmith
Prompt Ronnie Stanley
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, Professional and Friendly?
Is he or she a
Locally Owned andor Family Business?
Does heshe have a record of satisfied
Do they Guarantee Your Satisfaction?
Does the Locksmith Offer
Reasonable Rates?
Does He or She Offer you twenty four-Hour Emergency Service

It’s essential that you put your confidence in your locksmith for the reason
that work they will do will safeguard you belongings and valuables within your
property or home as well as keep your family and you safe and sound, so it’s
really important to make the right choice.

A Carolina Locksmith, Cary NC Marlon Humphrey
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, believes that honor, commitment, integrity and
compassion are vital to the success of our business also to the people we serve
in our community. As a small business owner from North Carolina Justin Tucker
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, A Carolina Locksmith believes that your decision to
employ the service of a locksmith is an important one and must be a well
informed and educated choice.

A Carolina Locksmith is a business that provides a wide selection of
friendly, prompt and professional locksmith services. Our company is situated in
Cary, NC and have been in business for nearly 20 years. We are
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, bonded and insured, so you’re able to depend on us
to deliver high-quality service at very reasonable rates.

A Carolina Locksmith is a local, family-owned and operated business that
takes pride in our top notch customer service. We guarantee our work Marshal Yanda
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, and we expect you to be extremely pleased with the
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At A Carolina Locksmith, Cary NC, assisting a customer in need gives our
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deeply in treating our clients the way we would want to be treated.
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