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Freitag, 18. Mai 2018, 03:59

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? PA Jana Novotna after winning the 1998 women’s singles at
The former Wimbledon champion Jana Novotna has died from cancer aged 49. The
Czech player Cheap
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, who won the 1998 singles
title at SW19, lost her battle with the disease on Sunday, the WTA announced on
its website on Monday morning.

A statement read: “It is with deep sadness that the WTA announces the passing
on Sunday, November 19, of Jana Novotna. After a long battle with cancer, Jana
died peacefully Cheap
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, surrounded by her family in her
native Czech Republic, aged 49.”

At the peak of her powers in the 1990s, Novotna featured in one of the most
enduring images in the long history of Wimbledon after famously being consoled
by the Duchess of Kent after losing the 1993 final to Steffi Graf.

She was known for her battling qualities, though, and overcame another final
defeat in 1997, this time to Martina Hingis Cheap
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, to finally get her hands
on the trophy in 1998, beating Nathalie Tauziat.

Four-one up in the final set against Steffi Graf, Jana Novotna was poised to
pull off one of Centre Court's great upsets when she served for the point to go
a further game ahead and, in all likelihood, beyond the reach of her opponent.
It was a second serve and, sensing this was her moment Cheap
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, Novotna strained to put Graf's
return under pressure. The result was a double fault and Graf went on to break
serve. Just over 20 minutes later, they were shaking hands. Novotna had failed
to win another game.

The shock of her collapse finally struck as she collected her runner's-up
medal from the Duchess of Kent. 'I wanted to handle myself well,' she said
later, 'but when she smiled at me I just let go.' As she wept, Novotna was
consoled by the Duchess. 'Don't worry Jana,' she said. 'I know you can do it.'
Indeed Cheap
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, she did. Five years
later, she was Wimbledon champion

That ended up being her only grand slam title in singles, though she was
prolific in the doubles, winning 24 grand slams and ticking off the full set of
Wimbledon, the French Open, the Australian Open and the US Open.

Novotna also represented her country with success Cheap
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, claiming silver
medals in the doubles at the 1988 and 1996 Olympics as well as a singles bronze
in Atlanta. She was the world No1 ranked player in doubles in 1990 and got as
high as No2 in singles in 1997.

The WTA chief executive officer, Steve Simon, said: “Jana was an inspiration
both on and off court to anyone who had the opportunity to know her. Her star
will always shine brightly in the history of the WTA. Our condolences and our
thoughts are with Jana’s family.”

The former British No1 Jo Durie paid tribute to Novotna’s spirit on court.
She said on Twitter: “Oh no how terrible sad. All thoughts to her family and
friends. So glad Jana won Wimbledon. Such a fighter on court & a wicked
sense of humour.”

The former American doubles player Pam Shriver added: “Jana was as kind as
she was athletic, as smart as she was competitive. I can’t believe she is gone
this soon. Her smile lives forever young.”

The former British player Andrew Castle, now a commentator for the BBC, said:
“What a terrible shame. She was good fun of an evening Cheap
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, a champion on court, so
tough to play against. And her smile was wonderful.”(Agencies)

CARACAS, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan cyclist Juan Murillo Sunday won the
third state of his country's Tachira Tour, a 115.2-kilometer track in the region
of San Cristobal.

Compatriot Jose Alarcon came in second place and Colombia's Felix Cardenas
took third, state media reported.

The 49th edition of the tour also drew competitors from Italy, Cuba and
Spain Cheap
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, with
Venezuelan participants representing four states, including Tachira, Merida,
Trujillo and Zulia.

The Tachira Tour, taking place from Jan. 10 to 19, is Venezuela's main
cycling competition Cheap
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, rated a category 2.2 of
difficulty by the International Cycling Union (UCI), and is considered one of
the best events of its kind in Latin America.

This year's tour takes cyclists through the highways and avenues of the
states of Portuguesa, Barinas, Merida and Tachira, covering a total of 1,282.5
kilometers over 10 stages Cheap
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, with 35 sprints and 13
mountain peaks.

Tachira marks the beginning of the UCI America Tour international events
calendar, and offers qualifying points towards participating in other
international cycling competitions, such as Spain's Ponferrada.

BEIJING, March 22 (Xinhua) -- An unnamed official with the newly established
Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) League Beijing Sports Company Limited has
called for referee professionalization in the CBA to be carried out as soon as

This official also called Yao Ming's election as the president of the Chinese
Basketball Association an epoch-making event. He also said he had raised the
issue of referee professionalization before with Yao.

"If we want the league to be professional, then the coaches, players and the
referees need to be professional as well. But the problem is the lack of
proficiency among the referees. Only a dozen of them are capable of being chief
umpire, and they are usually too old," said the official.

"Through professional operations, we need to reform the hereditary and
apprentice system among referees. Judges should be selected according to
criteria such as experience, physique, English language proficiency and
professional integrity, and a professional training organization should be
established as well. It takes 8 to 12 years to nurture a qualified referee, as
he is responsible for the appeal, smoothness and impartiality of each game," the
official added.

The official also called for the concentration of more efforts in youth
training. He says the CBA should cooperate with the Ministry of Education to
establish junior and senior middle school basketball leagues at the local,
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