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Freitag, 17. April 2020, 08:54

said: "Please." We p

Hello, long time no see, remember the last time we met, we were drinking at the foot of Nanshan Mountain, and we missed it recently. Is everything okay? You love chrysanthemums, their love for the world, and their gentleness, you lean over and pick a plant Marlboro Cigarettes, give it to me, and plant it in my heart, laughed: "The old body has nothing else, only Stay with this chrysanthemum. "After the words, the fragrance of chrysanthemum flows into my heart, stirring my soul. Seeing me flattered, you waved your long sleeves Carton Of Cigarettes, and there was a young and old sitting in the daisy bush. That boy is me. You sit opposite, chuckling, and said: "Please." We pondered among the clumps, between the flashlights, your glimpses glanced my eyes to the distance: when stood before me The towering giant peak? I looked far away, "Look at that, the cypresses on the mountainside can be really green!" You revealed a hint of joy, looked at me and said, struck the beard and smiled. "Sir, this mountain is so far, why can you see me?" I was amazed, but you said calmly: "Let's put it down, you can see it naturally." Today, I can't see the pine and cypress, and I can only glimpse the green mountains. That's all, sir, when can I see the true face of Nanshan? Looking at the ancient and modern times, you can see the elegant men in the Nanshan Mountain, and they all take the clouds to take off regardless of the worldly turbid waves Marlboro Red, see the earthly dust, when the Bo Xishan Mountain was the same day, I finally saw it, and I saw the flying birds you said that day, I saw the formation of flying birds, skimming through the sky, I just forgot the red dust, and blown away the cloud of smoke, sir, did I take another step towards Nanshan? Sir, I get it. At this moment, there is no sound at all. There is a glimpse of the flying bird today. I will see the Nanshan in the future. But your Nanshan is the Nanshan of the chrysanthemum, and my Nanshan is definitely the Nanshan of the plum blossom The temple of integrity and nobleness!
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