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Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2019, 06:40

led, I looked up and saw a gir

There are smiles everywhere in our lives. In everyone's memory, there are also several unforgettable smiles. The mysterious smile of Mona Lisa, the sweet smile among the classmates, the friendly smile of the stewardess ... However, in my memory, there is a smile that is treasured. Inspire me to forge ahead and inspire me to cheer up. It was an early spring afternoon, and I walked slowly on the street alone. I failed an assignment, and my erhu didn't work well. I was scolded by my mother and had a fight with a good friend. I'm in a very bad mood, I really want to find a place to cry. I kicked a stone fiercely, venting my anger. As the stone rolled, I looked up and saw a girl in a wheelchair struggling across the road. Perhaps because of "compassion for the same sickness", I ran to help her. "Thank you", she thanked me and pushed the wheel herself. She only has one leg. I think she should be more lost than herself, but there is no grief on her face Marlboro Gold, no sorrow, only the youthful smile, she is Smile at me! I asked, "Your legs ..." I regret it as soon as I said it Newport Cigarettes Coupons, because I knew it would only make her sadder and sadder, but she didn't care, "an accident" she said, but it made me more To her surprise, the smile was still on her youthful and enthusiastic face. On the sidewalk, she waved to me and said Wholesale Cigarettes, "Thank you, goodbye." I waved to her and said, "No thanks," she was still smiling, smiling at me, to passersby, to life. Since then, I have encountered unpleasant things, and that smile is sweeter and more kind than the smiles of Mona Lisa, classmates, and stewardess. We healthy people are happier than their disabled people. Do we smile less than they have no reason not to smile!
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