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Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2019, 04:06

Once in a deep exchange

Once in a deep exchange with a foreigner, the foreigner was shocked. He said that he had seen deception, but for the first time he even saw himself cheating. Yes, is it enough? Is it terrible to play in life? I don��t know why I am alive, what I want, lack courage, and dare not pursue. I am like a person swimming in the middle of the water can not find the direction, every day, fascinated Cigarettes Online, confused, not sure whether he is still in reality or in reality. I don't dare to look at myself, I don't even dare to look in the mirror. I am afraid to face my eyes. My most sincere love is lost, my heart is lost, happiness and happiness have been hiding from me Newport 100S. How persistent and loved! How heartfelt hatred! How sad it is! From then on, wearing a mask, life, endless vain, endless perfunctory, endless lies... If the heart has fallen asleep Cheap Cigarettes, there is Who can wake it up? If the heart is gone, how can I find it back? Just go on like this, so I am old in confusion, and then comfort myself to say that I have come here in the world, isn��t it? May is a flowery azalea. This season combines the warmth of spring and the cool breeze of summer, giving people a lukewarm pleasure. Azalea blooms in the canyons, mountains, and hillsides. It is a pink, flower-dancing mountain. The hot and dry mountains of Jiulong, the Jiugian Mountain, the Jiaju Mountain and the Diwang Mountain are not only beautiful in the crowds of the cuckoo, but also grow the golden Cordyceps. In May, it is the season for collecting Cordyceps. The farmers and herdsmen in the county are looking for the industry. They will never miss this season. People swarmed, these quiet mountains boiled the traffic is a unique scene in May, all kinds of vehicles carrying luggage, carrying people, carrying the period, marching toward the mountain of Cordyceps. At the altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level, the place where the Cordyceps is found, various tents are set up in different colors. The man squirmed slowly on the grass slope. They squatted on the ground, slowly plucking the grass with their hands, like a needle falling on the ground, carefully looking for the worms, panic, and delicate. In the morning sun, staring at the grass, for fear that the Cordyceps seedlings hidden in the weeds will be missed. Everyone with sharp eyes, eager to find a small Cordyceps militaris in the weeds is a valuable Chinese herbal medicine, because it is difficult to pick, subject to geographical restrictions, things are rare. Cordyceps is not long in every mountain. Generally growing at a height of more than 3,500 meters, there must be an environment suitable for its temperature, soil, humidity and other environments. With these conditions, a kind of worm on the plateau is in the hibernation, it is eroded by hyphae, the worm is stiff, the grass is parasitic, and the seedlings of the leeks are grown from the insect head Newport Cigarettes, and the winter worm becomes the summer cockroach. The shape of Cordyceps is a leafy grass on the top of a worm. It is both a worm and a grass. It is a mixed hillside and grass on the grass and the worm. There are winners' songs and complaints from the losers Marlboro Cigarettes. The bosses of the big and small that collect the Cordyceps, carefully calculated, bargained with the people who picked the Cordyceps. The boss wants to push the price to buy, and the people who sell Cordyceps want to raise the price. The big Cordyceps is twenty yuan. The yield of Cordyceps is not as good as one year, and the natural price is one year higher than the annual Cordyceps season. It is extended by half a month, which is the end. The people gradually dispersed, and the grasslands restored the tranquility of the past. The unclean garbage was left on the grass, and the wind rolled away from the plastic bag and drifted away. The car is flowing, carrying joy, and also containing frustration. Returning to May, the earth gives people treasure, some are full of rewards, and some are not enough tolls. The color of the cuckoo has also changed from pink to green in the mountains and so on. In May of the following year, the rhododendrons bloom and people boil on the Cordyceps Hill.

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