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Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2019, 04:05

I am L, I resigned today.

I am L, I resigned today. I quit my job for 10 years. You know, this is a job that I feel that my parents asked people to spend money for me 10 years ago. I refused from the beginning. But I still did it Marlboro Cigarettes, it was 10 years. 20 to 30 years old is a process that you can't describe, but I can. This process is countless "the last moments of my work is special, even controversial. At least give me the object of introduction, have a mind. What work? Death penalty supervisor. I saw at most 20 people from the death penalty in a day. I don't know. When will the death penalty disappear, I don't know. I don't even think about the death penalty from philosophy, psychology, etc. But I saw an instant that made me unforgettable. For example, F robbery. He killed a family of four and sentenced him to death in the first instance. He had done several prisons before, and he didn��t care what he was. He was very quiet and his face was cold and cold. On the way to execution, he was still very calm. When he suddenly asked me for a cigarette. I gave it. He leaned on the car greedily and then slowly exhaled. The head was leaning up, the scene made a prisoner next to him crying. Seriously, seriously looking at the redness of the cigarette butt, and carefully watching the smoke spit out. Until the smoke is not sucked, still sucking. Finally sucked on the filter cotton, slowly took the cigarette butts off the mouth Newport Cigarettes Coupons. In hand The position of the smoke was made. But he seemed to suddenly think of something Wholesale Cigarettes. The hand was shrunk back. The other hand, pinching the hot cigarette butt. Knocked out, slowly put it into the pocket, it seems that nothing cares. People, at the last time, for what reason, put a cigarette butt up. Is it because this cigarette brought him enjoyment? Is it because this is the last thing? Is it because it is not environmentally friendly? What is it, L feels that it is related to cherish. All things are turned into a cigarette, the cigarette butt left, is his last cherish. Remember that I said that I have seen more than 20 people executed the day. After the trial meeting was held, three people were pulled, and they were treated as "educational materials" Marlboro Gold. They were known to be crowded. I know that the families of these 20 death penalty prisoners also have a young prisoner in the crowd. Only 19 years old, I saw his mother in the crowd. He cried aloud: "I am embarrassed. Mom, save me! "The mother saw him, and after crying for a while, he fainted in this group of people, and there was also T. T was a very awkward death sentence. When he executed the death sentence, he was not jealous. The executives pressed. Several times, he struggled. As a supervisor, I asked T to point to the next S: "I don't want to be with her." I have to change to a place to die. I am not married. She was so ugly and killed her husband. I am dead with her, can be good! "T is still a college student. He said, I don't know how to answer him. I can tell him: "You don't be superstitious!" Death is still so picking. "No. The more you look at, the softer you are. I have this right. I nodded the executive and pulled him to the other side. He was quiet. S is like a stimuli, yelling." : "The old lady is disgusting and you stinky man is dead. The old lady is not a man in her life! On the night when they didn't die, I really dreamed of a dream. Dreaming that S reincarnation became a big beauty, T is also a big guy. They got married, but they didn't know that both of them were murderers in their lifetime. I have a guy in the same place, I remember clearly. His name is W. The girlfriend was depressed at once, and he was concerned about it. The girlfriend finally cried and told him why she was raped. W, who is angry and tempted, for his girlfriend, killing people to perform on the road, his mouth has been moving. We all know that he is reading the name of his girlfriend. I still remembered it until the execution ground. The sound was still big and the gun finally opened. He fell. I used to look at it, his eyes still groaning, his mouth still moving, he still remembered his girlfriend's name. I am crying. I gently said to the executive: "I added this story to my girlfriend. She cried too. But then we broke up. She said: "My parents don't like the moments of your work. "They are often implicated in their parents, but they also involve their wives and children. There is always a parent who loves his son and causes his son to be arrogant and murderous. The parents have a triad background. The sons listened a few days before the execution. They said that they were asking for news, so we all paid special attention to it and prepared for it. But fortunately, nothing happened. After the execution, his parents stopped our car. Ask me: "Where is the place of execution? I said: "In front of them, they have to let me take them." The pear flower that her mother cried was raining Cigarettes Online. Originally this does not belong to our work. But I still took the old couple, holding a small shovel, the box. A little bit of the soil with his son's blood was cleaned up. Be careful, people are puzzled by his mother: "Can't let my son's blood stay in the wilderness. He has cleanliness. He has cleanliness." What impressed me the most was a mother whose son was not a criminal. I played once and went to the police station once. But when she watched the death penalty trial at the stadium that day, she fainted and was cold. Everyone else thought she had her son on it. She cried and said, "No. My son is at home. But I looked at the child above and suddenly thought of my child. He fought last month and swollen his face. If my son also puts If someone else is killed, isn��t that the case?�� The mother��s crying is really unstoppable, and even her hands tremble slightly. Poor parents in the world, there are many prisoners of death, in the end, always gentle to his wife: "I'm sorry, sorry. Sorry, sorry." Always gentle to his son and daughter said: "I'm sorry, sorry, sorry. Do not Like your father, you must be a good person. Study hard, and the last moments every day, too much. How many times I have seen the tremors in 10 years. They said: "I must be a very cold, very hard person. At the beginning, I also believed that it was like this. Later I couldn��t stand it. This is why I resigned. The world is big, today is not my last moment, I want to see something else. I hope my last moment, It was in bed. My son said to me: "Dad, let's go." Everything is fine, I will take care of my mother.

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