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Samstag, 30. September 2017, 08:56

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Everyone dream of having a contented and happy life for their
family. To make the dream come
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, most of us work very hard to provide and fulfill all the basic
needs and amenities like clothing, shelter, and food. But what happens if the
earning member of a family suddenly passes away? The family will surely be
facing strong financial crisis in such sort of a situation. Therefore, it is
necessary to plan at an early stage regarding securing the future of the family.
Signing for a proper <"">life insurance policy
will definitely be the most prudent decision the earning member can do for
hisher family.

Before finalizing a life insurance deal, ensure that the
right company has been picked. Every insurance agency will feature not one but a
whole lot of different options to choose from. Go through each and every option
before making a pick. Understand the nature and fundamentals of each policy
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insurance comparison[/url]is necessary to pick the best policy for family members.
Comparison of a life insurance policy with another is not an easy task. Focusing
only on the premium value can be a big mistake. There might be different
attributes to deal with. Hence, it is absolutely crucial a task to compare
different insurance policies while focusing on aspects like universal and whole
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, total term, etc. Of all these options, the Whole Life Insurance
policies are best for long term benefits.

Whole life insurance policies
cover the client for the entire period of hisher existence. Such a type of
insurance policy features guaranteed premium with definite cash valuation.
Always remember that premium is definitely one important element when dealing
with life insurance policies. Therefore, before finalizing the deal, the client
need to ensure that premium is 100% guaranteed and evaluates potential cash
value of insurance option. Policies with expensive premiums will definitely
higher cash values. Going Public On The Pink Sheets Using Form 211 Brenda
Submitted 2014-01-05 18:25:06 Private companies seeking to go
public are opting to list on the OTC Markets.
OTC Pink Current tier.
Companies seeking to public company status can list on the OTC Pink Current tier
without filing a registration statement with the Securities & Exchange
Commission (“SEC”) if they meet the minimal requirements of the
The OTC Pink Current tier is available to issuers who do not file
reports with the SEC, but voluntarily provide specific disclosures required by
OTCMarkets through its website located at http:www.otcmarkets
opting for this tier are able to provide adequate public information using the
OTCMarkets website without becoming subjected to the SEC’s stringent reporting
Many private companies seeking to go public are opting for the
Pink Sheets due to the increased costs and more stringent regulations associated
with SEC reporting. Rule 15c2-11(“SEC Rule 15c2-11”) of the Securities Exchange
Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”) can be used by a private company seeking to go
public without an SEC registration statement.
SEC Rule 15c2-11
In general Cheap
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, a private company can use g Rule 15c2-11 in its going
public transaction if it meets the following criteria:
● The private company
must have at least 25 or more non-affiliates that have paid cash consideration
for their shares, and have owned those shares for at least 12 months;
● The
private company must have at least 1 million shares outstanding, of which at
least 250,000 should be unrestricted or free trading shares;
● The private
company must never have been a shell company; and
● The private company must
locate a sponsoring market maker to submit a Form 211 application to FINRA on
its behalf.
15c2-11 Market Maker Obligations l Going Public
In order to use 15c2-11 to go public, the private company must
locate a sponsoring market maker who is a FINRA member to file a 15c-211
application on its behalf. The market maker submits a 15c2-11 application (“Form
211”) to FINRA to obtain a trading symbol for the company. Once the form is
filed, FINRA may comment or ask questions; the sponsoring market maker and
company must respond. When FINRA is satisfied that the disclosures meet the
requirements of Rule 15c2-11 Cheap
, a trading symbol will be assigned and the market maker can quote
the company’s securities. At that time, the securities of the private company
going public can be quoted by OTCMarkets on the Pink Sheets. The sponsoring
market maker has the exclusive right to publish quotations for the security for
30 days. After that, other market makers can “piggyback” on his Form 211, and
publish their own quotations.
The market maker chosen by the company to file
the Form 211 is not permitted to accept payment for his services.
Disclosures l Going Public Transactions
The disclosures required by SEC Rule
15c2-11 are provided on the Form 211 submitted by the sponsoring market maker.
FINRA requires specific disclosures in the Form 211 and in the Information and
Disclosure Statement including, among other things, the following:
● Detailed
description of the issuer’s
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, productsservices offered, assets and sources of revenue;

Description of the company’s facilities including the location, square footage
and whether owned or leased;
● Identification of officers,
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