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Samstag, 26. August 2017, 03:39

is efficient and you can use them

Five Procrastination Techniques That Will Help Boost Your
Grades Forever Five Procrastination Techniques That Will Help Boost Your Grades
Forever May
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, 2013 | Author: Lachlan Haynes | Posted in
What do you do when you’re at home and need to get some study or some other
work done? Do you do it? When there is no one watching over you and keeping you
accountable what do you do? Do you do what you’re supposed to be doing? Or do
you do some things that you’re not supposed to be doing? And in case you’re
wondering yes Facebook is one of those things!

As a student, you know there are deadlines coming up (and hopefully you are
aware of them), but unless they are coming up really soon (like when something
is due tomorrow) there is a good chance you’re in a state of total relaxation.
But why is that?

When there are no due dates and no negative consequences for not completing
tasks then there’s also no reason to be hard on yourself, is there? Everyone
knows that you should live a life you love right? No reason to spend your time
doing things you don’t enjoy! Time to live it up! And don’t feel bad if you do
feel that way because it’s totally natural and life is definitely to be enjoyed.

The difficulty that arises with this approach is that a little voice in our
head starts
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, “Don’t forget about that thing that’s due soon”
or “You’re really going to get it if you don’t do that thing” and it really
seems to start hounding us louder and more often if we don’t do something about
it (like drown it out with music!) So we always suggest that you get the work
done first and then you can have as much free time as you want later. In order
to do that you need to know how to stop procrastinating and start taking action.
Here are five tips that will make procrastination a thing of the past for you:

Tip number one. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, you’re not perfect! Sorry if
that is upsetting to you, but you’re not. Nothing you do is perfect and nothing
you ever do will be perfect. Ouch! You may be amazing, outstanding and
incredible but perfection should not be your ambition because it’s a standard
that can’t be managed. It’s fine to make
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, it is fine to fail and it’s fine to not be
perfect. That’s just life so get over it and get the work done!

Tip number two. Tasks always appear huge at first and that’s why you break
them up into smaller tasks. You would really think this one would be
self-explanatory! Nobody says “I am going to build a house” and then starts
hammering a nail into some wood and then all of a sudden the house is built.
There is so much more involved than that. You need to look at the big task as a
series of much smaller tasks and then start working on those. Soon you will find
you are half way done and that big task is now much smaller than it first
seemed! But the most important thing is to make a start.

Tip number three. An accountability buddy will do wonders for you. Find
someone who will agree to kick your butt, hound you until you do what you said
you would do, and never give up on you – then agree to hold each other
accountable for whatever goals you are both trying to achieve. Please note: do
not select someone who is also a procrastinator! That just spells trouble. You
are hundreds of time more likely to take action when someone else is holding you
accountable – so if you can find someone definitely do it!

Tip number four. Hang out with people who actually work hard and want to
achieve something with their life! It seems obvious but if you hang out with
people who are lazy bums you’ll probably become a lazy bum yourself. If you
spend time with people who have achieved something you want to achieve or who
also share your desire to do something special with their life you are
infinitely more likely to actually make something of yourself. So pick your
friends wisely my friend.

Tip number five. Identify distractions and do something about them. You would
already know what your major distractions are so it’s really up to you to make a
choice about what is more important. If you spend 30 minutes doing some work
each night from Monday to Friday you will have completed 2.5 hours of work.
That’s an extra 130 hours a year. Honestly, what could you get done in 130
hours? Focus for short periods of time can result in massive pay offs later.

What becomes of your life is in your hands. The only person that is
responsible for what you achieve is you. If you want to make a change you need
to accept full responsibility and take some action. We wish you good luck! is the premier resource for learning new study
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, changing your study habits and finding the best
study tips available. We provide free access to the world’s best and most
engaging study resources and strategies that will help you change the way you
think about study – and even better – we show you how to study:How To Study |
Study Skills

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