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Freitag, 11. September 2020, 01:24

Marlboro Cigarettes.

CDF Lucky has only a hard box, which is slightly rustic, but don’t be misled by the packaging. The fragrance of this cigarette is not big when you smell the cigarette holder. You will think it is a 555 cigarette. In fact, when you smoke it, it is a strong roast. Jiao Mi Xiang. The Japanese version of the soft box, Japanese, the strips are relatively high, it looks tall, and the beige color that I like Cigarettes Online, but the smell of the cigarette holder does not feel the fragrance, very restrained. 2. Medium-duty heating, holding ash power levers, but the soot is not as full as daily-duty, but the shredded tobacco is very solid, and the diameter is slightly smaller than that of daily-duty, but it can be ignored. Ripple burned without deliberately burning, but holding the ashes was as powerful as a camel, obviously tilted, did not try the second root, but after all, CDF is cheap, I have a kind of inexplicable favor for it, just like a peasant simple and unpretentious. 3. The medium avoids pumping. The first and second mouths have a thicker burnt rice flavor covering the tongue coating and taste buds Marlboro Cigarettes. When passing through the throat, there is a slight scratching of the throat, but it is still soft, and you can feel the momentum of the throat. A few mouthfuls of charred rice are becoming more and more obvious. Friends who like this taste should like it. The smoke from the outlet spreads faster, but the rate of discharge is slower, so the smoke is thick. The first sip of Riban Lucky will be affected by kerosene, which is ignored. The second sip of faint burnt rice fragrant rushes to the nose along with the smoke. It is gentle and smooth, but there is some resistance to the lungs after passing the throat, and what follows is Without losing the strength, the exhaust smoke diffuses faster. The difference between the two models lies in the delicateness of passing the throat and the intensity of the tobacco taste. The medium-density is continuous, and the feminine is silky and aggressive. It takes a period of time to smoke outside before you can swallow freely and continue the taste. On the contrary, the scent of daily free will gradually strengthen in the aftertaste. It is soft Carton Of Cigarettes, smooth, and like the smoke in the past, but there is a little resistance when passing through the lungs. This can be regarded as a good cigarette, but not greedy.
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