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Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2020, 08:09

pony's life Marlboro Gold. Agb

Different, its hero is a horse. More than two hundred years ago, a pony was born in the royal stables of Morocco. The pony has wheat ears on his chest and a white spot on his leg. Wheat spikes represent ominous, while white dots are a symbol of fast wind. Sure enough, the spike pattern worked, and the pony's mother died shortly after giving birth to the pony, and it almost died under the sword of the master due to ominousness. Fortunately, the horse boy Agaba saved the pony's life Marlboro Gold. Agbar named it "Shan" and promised: "... When you grow up, everyone will bow to you, and you will become the king of the wind, I promise." Under the careful care of Agbar , Shem grew up. It and Agbar were chosen by the king to give the French king the glory of the Moroccan royal family. Due to the greedy captain, Shan was already skinny when he arrived in France. He could not see the difference between it and an ordinary horse, and was sent to be a carriage horse. This was a proud flash of the Royal Stable, becoming a humble working horse. Worst of all is that Shem's pedigree certificate was also lost, it was imprisoned and driven into the swamp. In this way, Shem was constantly misunderstood and experienced various hardships. But he did not give in, and Agbar did not give up, until Shem's son Ban won in a run. People realized the purity of Shem's bloodline and they found Shem back. Later Shan's descendants won the game again and again and proved themselves. I like "flash" very much. Although Shan encountered all kinds of misfortunes, he did not yield, was not afraid, and fought bravely with fate, and finally won. It was Shem who used his blood to rewrite a pedigree certificate for it and its descendants. The name of the King of the Wind belongs to Shem, and it also belongs to its entire family. This reminds me of Beethoven, the author of Symphony of Destiny. Beethoven was completely deaf at the age of 35. He had thought about suicide, but he eventually "struck the throat of fate" and won the victory. Symphony of Destiny "and many other music. At the same time, I admire Agaba's commitment and his love for Shem. When Shan encountered difficulties, it was he who encouraged and helped Shan, and let Shan stand up again. Agbar kept his promise and fulfilled his responsibilities to help Shan become the king of the wind and fulfill his promise. He is a responsible person and keeps his promises. Reading this book made me understand that as long as I live, do not succumb to fate and frustration, and bravely fight fate and frustration, I will find the opportunity to prove myself. This is a legend that happened more than 200 years ago. This is a story about love and responsibility. The fast-moving Arabian horse "Shan" has a rough life. As soon as it was born, the governor of the Royal Horse Academy almost killed it, and killed his mother. If it were not for the camel milk scoured by the dumb horse boy Agaba, it would probably not survive. However, although "Shan" has "ears of wheat" on its chest--a symbol of doom, it has a white dot on its right leg--a symbol of speed. Its destiny is as destined as it is very bumpy: it first encountered the opportunity to go to France and then moved to Britain. Destiny has repeatedly teased it, it was buried in a noisy market, went to pull a car, and was torn by a false guardian of Arabic Cheap Cigarettes. Since then, "Shan" has lost its identity, but its descendants and grandchildren wrote a new pedigree with their own strength, and eventually became the best horse race in British history, known as the "father of horse racing." But doom is not over. The pony "Shimmer" was taken over by the Earl of Gedofen, England, and after meeting the British thoroughbred horse "Miss Rosanna", the star of destiny released its light. It also pays for its actions. It was exiled into the swamp with his owner Agbar and his friend "Old Crazy Cat". There was a small house with the words "Don't worry, it's 5 miles to go anywhere." It wasn't until his son "Board" won a pony that was a few months older than himself, that Count Gordofen knew that "Shan" was a purebred Arabian horse and took them home Cigarettes Online. Can you prove yourself and how to prove yourself��whether it is a horse or a person, you will encounter a big problem in life, but the "Shan" will rise up firmly, and a horse and a livestock can live alive without bowing to fate. . Destiny has given it almost ninety-nine roads of death, but it has achieved a green shade of life in the gleam of hope. There will inevitably be stumbling in the way of life. The road ahead is not smooth. It is always said that the storm is a rainbow, but some people, In other words: "Everyone will lose patience and confidence after the storm." But at least some people waited for the rainbow, until the birds were fragrant. Ba Jin waited, Yang Hongying waited, Bill Gates waited ... A celebrity said: "Today is cruel, tomorrow is even more cruel, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful, the vast majority of people die tomorrow night." For everyone's success, without the bumps of the road, you cannot go to the wind of success, and everything cannot be blocked. "King of the Wind" is our role model. Indeed, the horse "Shan", a pure Arabian horse, has proved itself to be a good horse with its own efforts. It uses its immortal legend to explain to us the true meaning of "strong"
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