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Über mich

  • I’m Mahira Khan. I’ m a food blogger and through profession a web programmer and this website is my personal creation. like to cook dinner and eat delicious. in spite of having many pastimes in lifestyles, my finest pleasure is meals!
    As a baby, a number of my earliest and fondest recollections are of following my Mommy & Father round in the kitchen and getting to know from them, the fun of creating superb food. My father turned into a businessman also a talented cook dinner, his information and experience and encouragement from my circle of relatives, enthused me to prepare dinner dishes that were loved by means of my siblings and my mother and father.
    Nowadays, my very own Recipes table is the point of interest of our domestic and is usually a satisfied, heat and bustling location. on this my favourite room, i will produce traditional dishes to a totally high widespread, however i really like attempting out new recipes which I check, create and perfect for my circle of relatives, and hundreds of welcome site visitors.
    I love to spend time in my Kitchen & Roof top garden. I continually scoping out meals and products which are herbal, natural, natural, halal, raised humanely, sourced ethically and brought to market with out toxic pollution and chemicals. lamentably, that’s not usually an easy component to do, however it’s far getting easier as greater extremely good agencies produce notable merchandise i really like to shout out to the world- that means so that you can find out about them, too!
    join me for a delicious change of global recipes, cooking tips and life-style suggestion you may revel in any day of the week!
    I am hoping you’ll find some thing of hobby, suggestion and, of direction, appropriate to consume right here. if you’d like to touch me at once, please pass right here. I’m Mahira Khan and i am here to present delicious and new recipes for foodies <a href=""></a>
    <a href=""></a>

Persönliche Informationen

  • Geburtstag

    18. November 1969 (49)