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Dienstag, 17. April 2018, 03:02

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Before a new drug is introduced or a new treatment regimen is
approved Wholesale
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, thorough clinical trials must be
carried out to test the effectiveness and unearth any side-effects of the drug
or treatment procedure. The onus to carry out these clinical trials is on the
inventor, in this case a drug company, a medical equipment manufacturer, or even
researchers from medical schools. On the other hand there are regulatory bodies
such as the FDA whose mandate is to monitor how well nascent medical
technologies are standing up to rigorous testing and to give a seal of approval
once the trials have revealed positive results.

Clinical trials are not
easy undertakings by any means. Perhaps the one thing that accounts for most of
the bother in medical trials is patient recruitment and retention. It is
estimated that up to one half of the time taken to complete a clinical trial is
spent on patient recruitment. Successful clinical trials marketing is critical
to the success of any clinical trial. This marketing of course goes hand in hand
with using effective clinical trial recruitment strategies to enlist patients
for the trials.

What happens if a company fails to conduct effective
clinical trials marketing or uses ineffective clinical trial recruitment
strategies? For sure Wholesale
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, the company is going to incur
significant financial losses and this is for two main reasons. First of all,
patient recruitment takes time and costs money. If you are therefore having
trouble signing up the right number of participants and retaining them for the
duration of the trial, you are bound to overspend on your recruitment budget.
Secondly, you will lose money as you delay the launch your product. A delay in
launching a product is a direct result of a clinical trial running behind
schedule. A drug company loses millions of dollars in potential income for each
day it falls behind schedule in addition to the risk of a competitor beating it
to the market with a similar product.

Ineffective recruitment strategies
for medical trials can also bring a researcher into a collision course with
regulators. When it comes to medicines and clinical technology the safety of
consumers is paramount and regulators cannot approve anything until they are
fully confident of its safety. If a company thus uses suspect recruitment
strategies the outcome of its trials will be overshadowed by questions
concerning recruitment of participants and this is sufficient reason for
regulators to reject the company's findings. The company will be forced to
repeat the entire process which will no doubt increase the costs of developing
the drug.

Efficient clinical trials marketing is important because it'll
inform the public about clinical trials in the offing. Without adequate medical
trials marketing eligible patients will never know that they are needed for such
an exercise. Again Wholesale
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, marketing medical trials is expensive
and amounts to little if it's not skillfully done. Most researchers in the
medical field have very little technical experience in clinical trial
recruitment strategies and marketing clinical trials. To avoid all the pain that
can ensue if recruitment is not properly done, researchers are increasingly
relying on patient recruitment specialists who have all the technical know-how
required for effective patient recruitment.
BERLIN, March 25 (Xinhua) -- The crash of German budget airline Germanwings
flight 4U9525 in southern France with 150 people on board, including 72
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, shocked the whole nation. No one is
expected to have survived the crash.

At 10:53 local time (0953 GMT) on Wednesday, staff of Germanwings and its
parent company Lufthansa held a minute's silence at Duesseldorf Airport.

Lighted candles and messages to mourn victims of the plane crash were seen at
the airport.

"Dear parents, brothers, friends and lovers: Be strong Wholesale
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, Duesseldorf. The world and I grieve
together with you. You are not alone," read one note.

After confirming the accident on Tuesday, Germanwings and Lufthansa changed
their otherwise colored logos into gray scale on social media.

At the request of the German Ministry of Interior, flags at all federal
agencies in Germany will fly at half-mast from Wednesday to Friday.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Wholesale
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, of which Duesseldorf is the capital, also
decided to fly flags in government offices at half-mast on Wednesday and

A total of 16 teen-aged students and two teachers in Joseph-Koenig High
School in Haltern am See, a town 80 km north of Duesseldorf, died in the plane

After the tragic news was received Wholesale
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, the school was closed. Many students
brought flowers and candles to mourn their peers.

"This is the darkest day in the history of our city," said Bodo Klimpel, the
mayor of Haltern am See.

The local newspaper Halterner published on Wednesday a full-page obituary,
stating: "16 students and two teachers of Joseph-Koenig High School lost their
lives in the tragic plane crash in France Wholesale
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, leaving a whole town in shock. In these
difficult hours, our deepest sympathy goes to the families and relatives,
friends and companions of the victims."

NRW Minister of Education Sylvia Loehrmann said at a press conference: "No
one can take the pain of losing a close family member or friend. We can only
share it. And through this sharing we can provide some consolation."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday arrived with NRW Prime Minister
Hannelore Kraft at the crash site in southern France.

German President Joachim Gauck, who was visiting South America Wholesale Adidas NHL
, also decided to cut short his visit and return home
early. "My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims," he said.
"May they find strength and comfort in this difficult time."

The Bundestag, Germany's lower house of parliament, plans to mourn the
victims of the disaster on Thursday before the sta.

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