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Dienstag, 17. April 2018, 02:49

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LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- Fine wine offered for free immersed the
Cypriot city, bringing thousands of visitors from different parts of the world
to the annual Limassol Wine Festival.

Without providing specific numbers, organizers of the festival said the
opening on Thursday night saw a record number of wine lovers.

"It was quite evident that more people than ever before packed the Municipal
Children's Garden along the city's waterfront," they said.

Visitors washed down local delicacies with as much wine as they could take.

"It is very nice, with all these nice surroundings and free drink," said a
man from Germany, with a bottle of wine in hand.

"I am in Cyprus for a second time, I like it very much ... this atmosphere
which is full of life, the surroundings, the wine," said an ecstatic visitor
from Greece.

But it is not just an event for tourists. It is also an opportunity for local
people to have a family outing at a very good price.

For just a fraction of what a family could pay in a restaurant, they can have
a dinner out at one of the several open air restaurants set up under the trees.

Locals and visitors alike can dance away the night to the tunes of bands
catering for all tastes -- local and international.

The Limassol Wine Festival was held since Cyprus became an independent state
in 1960.

The Cypriot Ministry of Commerce, which is also in charge of tourism, has
turned the event into a tourist attraction and as a means of publicizing Cypriot

Limassol Mayor Andreas Christou said that the wider Limassol area has been
considered as the oldest wine producing region of Europe.

There is no doubt in the fact that every one loves sports. The sport could
range from Volley Ball to Tennis but every individual strains to be part of its
extravaganza. Boxing is another sport that people love to watch. Boxing has come
a long way. Moreover boxers have instilled a rejuvenating spirit amongst all of
us by giving us legends like Mohammed Ali and Mate Parlov. These legends have
become a part of our lives. And when creating history is the agenda Washington
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, how do you suppose that vigorous and
full of life Puerto Vallarta will stay behind?

There is a fresh
convention center in Puerto Vallarta that will host the international boxing
competition called the ?Consejo Mundial del Boxeo,' which will begin on the 18th
of July this year, on Saturday. One of the highly skillful boxers of
Mexico Tennessee
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, Marco Antonio Barrera, who was lately
present at a press conference which was represented by Zanfer Promociones stated
that Puerto Vallarta would host an international world championship at their new
convention center. Their envoy Marcelo Jeffrey, announced it himself that the
championship will commence on July 18 Tampa
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, 2009.

Want to know what
the main event is going to be? Well, the chief event of Consejo Mundial del
Boxeo is going to be a match between Mexico's Tomas Rojas and Ricardo Nu?ez
(Panamian champion). Tomas Rojas wants to ultimately beat Ricardo Nu?ez.

This program will also be advertising six other fighting matches, which
will include a match between Marco Antonio Nazareth Seattle
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, popularly known as "El Texano," who is
the native of Puerto Vallarta, against Omar Ch?vez San
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, who is the eminent Julio Cesar
Ch?vez?s son.

Another fighting match that would assuredly be highly
interesting features Rodrigo Guerrero, who is a boxer from Mexico City. Marco
Barrera is of the belief that Rodrigo Guerrero shows not only great skill but
also great promise. And it is precisely this fact that has earned him a spot in
this great international competition. He will fight this match against Luis
Maldonado who is a veteran boxer.

The representative of Zanfer
Promociones, Marcelo Jeffrey also reports that the Consejo Mundial del
Boxeo Pittsburgh
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, championship which is going to be held
in Puerto Vallarta, will also provide the entertainment of live music by a
series of musical artists. This live performance will take place both at the
beginning, and end of the boxing matches. This would make this event not only
highly entertaining for the boxing fans Philadelphia
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, but also those who just generally want to
have a good time. This event promises to be highly enjoyable and it shows that
Puerto Vallarta is still the leading vacation destinations of Mexico. This event
would also be televised nationally on TV Azteca, and in the US on Azteca
America. Puerto Vallarta despite the odds is gaining fast on its feet after all
the hype that was created about the Flu, so be a part of the events hosted in
Puerto Vallarta because they are for the entertainment of every one!

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