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Donnerstag, 5. Oktober 2017, 12:59

Firing an LSP 2 Days Before Christmas

Today, I had to terminate employment of one of my LSP's that has been having trouble for about a year and I kept giving him chances. I do not allow any vacation time in December as it is a crazy month for us trying to hit year end goals and this year has been very hectic yet this employee called me last Monday to tell me he will not make it into work that day and they he needed the week off for personal reasons and while i usually dont ask for details i told him that i would need to know the reason and he needed to ask for this time off by email. He simply emailed me asking for the time off without giving a good reason why and took it upon himself to not show up for the week even though I did not approve the request. I tried to email, call, and text message him all day Monday and for the rest of the week to no avail. Today, he showed up to work and so I brought him into my office and explained to him how i hate doing this at this time of year but that his disregard to his job has forced me to let him go.

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