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Von ylq

be sad that the c

The common class of our class is because it is not very spacious, but the classroom is clean and tidy. The tables and stools are neatly arranged, although the ground is not spotless, but it is quite white; although the teachers in our class are not super teachers, the lectures are also lively and interesting, and they are kind to us; the students in our class are kind and hard-working , Unity and friendship, this is famous in school. We will be happy that the class won the honor, and be sad that the class did not get the first]Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. In short, our class is very ordinary. However, it is also very warm and full of life. Not long ago]Online Cigarettes[/url], the campus sports meeting arrived. The sports athletes of my class rubbed their hands and tried their best. They all wanted to win the class first place for the class. However, the four (3) class with the most points won the first place because of a momentary negligence and did not win the first place in the basketball game. The students closed their eyes, closed their brows, and sighed non-stop: "Unfortunately, it's really 'a hatred for a long time'!" At this time, the four (3) class vaguely cheered. sound. At this time, there was a burst of crying in the classroom where the sound of a needle falling off was audible. Yeah, after hearing the blows and hearing the cheers of the winners, could the last line of defense in my heart be destroyed at once, leaving the students irrational? Although the cheers were quite trivial at ordinary times, it is now like the last straw that crushed the camel. Suddenly I heard a louder voice than the sound of the bell: "Last time they lost to us, we didn't cheer because we were afraid of their grief, we were only happy in our hearts. We also comforted them. Now we can learn how to revenge. Awesome! I have completely served them! "After that, he patted the table fiercely. As you can see, it turned out to be Deng Shengnan who was not too gentle. Everyone started talking about it. "Yeah, this is really sad." "How could there be such a person in the world?" "Stop, classmates!" The class leader raised his hands and]Marlboro Red[/url]. Originally like a bird, babbling chatter about the non-stop classmates immediately became silent, and we always followed the instructions of the squad leader. "I am not capable enough of others. When I hear people cheering, I can't control my feelings so much. I know this can express the heart of Ako who hopes that the class will be honored, but this can't have any practical effect. Let's make it Prepare for the sports meeting! "The students nodded knowingly, wiped away their tears, and said firmly," Okay, monitor! "

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