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Mittwoch, 25. März 2020, 01:31

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Fiat to launch Linea T-Jet on October 8
Posted On : Sep-18-2010 | seen (203) times[i] | Article Word Count : 248 |

[i][i]Fiat will launch its new model Linea T Jet in India on October 8. The new
Fiat LineaT Jet will be the first vehicle to run on the turbocharged version of
the naturally aspirated 1.4L petrol engine. [i]Fiat will launch its new model
Linea T Jet in India on October 8. The new Fiat Linea T Jet will be the first
vehicle to run on the turbocharged version of the naturally aspirated 1.4L
petrol engine. It will have a torque of 200Nm and power of 120 PS at 5000rpm. It
is expected that the Fiat Linea T Jet can go from 0-100 kmh in 9.2 seconds and
would offer a top speed of 200 kmph. It will have a five speed manual

Though Fiat has remained quiet after the launch of its
90hp Punto but now the company has planned to introduce its stylish new model on
October 8. Earlier Cheap Authentic
, the launch of Fiat Linea T Jet was postponed due to some
unknown reasons. But now things have become clear as the company has chosen the
right festive season in India for launching its new product. The new Fiat Linea
T Jet will give tough competition to Honday City, the present segment

The soon-to-be-launched Linea T Jet would highlight an
illuminated digital console panel, power lock doors Cheap Jerseys Free
, side and roof airbags. The tires of this new Fiat model
will have sporty wheel trims and bumpers. Also, this model will be available in
four different colors- Tecno Grey, Flamenco Red Cheap Jerseys
, Lullaby Blue and Rockability Black. The T-Jet will also
incorporate certain added features like leather seats, hill holder assist,
rain-sensing wipers and 16 inch alloy wheels.
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, change is the spice of life. Today’s world is incessantly
fluctuating at haste. New invention and machineries are evolving every day.
Specifically, the arena of medicinal science has been transformed with the
cutting-edge technology and medicinal solution to an inordinate extent. The role
of a medical doctor, druggists Cheap Jerseys
, and paramedical staff has transformed comprehensively. The
snowballing prominence in the role of pharmacologist has given advent to a brand
new character ‘Pharmacy Technician’, which has an associate role to play to a
[i][i]A pharmacy technician is the one who is commonly be denoted as an aide of the
pharmacist who plays a crucial role in the healthcare production today. A
pharmacy technician is expected to be well versed with different aspects of
pharmacy. The technician is also expected to perform tasks such as handling
customers and preparing prescriptions. A Pharmacy Technician Certification is
important as at certain official places like a hospital pharmacy do not hire
people without a Pharmacy Technician Certification. Having a Pharmacy Technician
Certification will broaden your chances of getting a better job with high
[i][i]Pharmacy technicians are a significant part of the treatment homes, hospitals
and aided living amenities in the present and with an additional duty they have
to pass the pharmacy technician certification to be hired in the prestigious
healthcare industry.
[i][i]It is like a college degree which certifies you to be eligible. Once you do
have a Pharmacy Technician Certification Cheap Jerseys ,
it will not only boost your career options but it will also make you competent
enough to get a high salaried job anywhere. It will also make you perform better
in terms of pharmacy related responsibilities with ease and efficiency. Also,
once you have a certification, hospitals would hire you over non-certified
pharmacy technicians. Also Wholesale NFL
, if you reach a certain level, you can also opt for
managerial posts.
[i][i]An added advantage of a Pharmacy Technician Certification is that it gives
you a better pay package than the uncertified specialists. With financial crisis
setting in many states, it is difficult to find a job if you are an uncertified
technician. A certificate is necessary. Pharmacy Technician jobs are
less Wholesale Jerseys Free
, so the pharmacists prefer a certified expert than an
uncertified technician. You can earn a good amount of money plus complete your
education too. With proper education and experience, you can become a licensed
pharmacist too. Nobody gets a job without experience in a particular field.
Gathering experiences is really important for every field. Handling patients is
a real difficult task. And a certified technician will be an icing on the cake.
[i][i]You too can become an efficient pharmacist, but with right training and
experience. Being a Pharmacy technician is highly respectable as Pharmacy is a
customer based task where customers need someone to sort out their issues. For
Pharmacy Technician jobs Wholesale Jerseys
, a person should be diligent, accurate, an extrovert and
alert. They should be good with calculations and should be able to work in
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