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Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2019, 09:47

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Lining Products Have Better Designs Business Articles | January 11 Kelvin Benjamin
, 2012
The new brand strategy also shows that Lining is getting rid of the previous
image as global brands' low-cost substitutes and trying to become a higher-level
brand. Meanwhile, in recent years, the com...

The new brand strategy also shows that Lining is getting rid of the previous
image as global brands' low-cost substitutes and trying to become a higher-level
brand. Meanwhile, in recent years, the company has started to regulate pricing
tactics. Compared with those global brands, like Nike and Adidas Kyle Williams
, Lining brand image's upgrade is conductive to lessen the
price gap with them. Mr Wei, a industry analyst from CLSA Asia-Pacific Market
which headquartered in Hong Kong, said that: "Lining has planed to add sports
shoes' scale, with the average retail price over 400 RMB. He predicts that in
three years, the retail price disparity between Lining sneakers and Nike and
Adidas' will be narrowed from the current 30%-35% down to 15-20%.
Chinese sportswear brands take places in the market because of their price
factors, but Lining is going forward towards a right direction. Lining once
copied Nike in some aspects LeSean McCoy
, but at present its own style is being shaped.
In addition,
Lining Company's product line had been experienced upgrade and update, being
added more original elements. Lining Company's stylists have demonstrated that
they have the capacity to suffice Chinese consumers for their fashionable
Compared with other Chinese brands, Lining products have better
designs and more diversified types. Lei Xiao Shan from CMR said that: "if I were
Adidas, I would feel worried, because Adidas has been dumped behind by Lining in
Chinese second and third tier cities and Lining's action is very swift in
adjusting products line".
Lining also improved its image through a serious of
sports sponsorship events. In 2009 Tremaine Edmunds
, Lining became Chinese national badminton team's sponsor, at
the same time, also sponsored badminton world champion, Lin Dan, and purchased
one of the biggest badminton equipments brand in China.
Furthermore, fierce
competition and huge spending in China first tier cities are also a great
challenge. For example Josh Allen
, a more fashionable and more expensive Lining will undoubtedly
need to add exposure rate in first tier cities because the young people are more
active and attach more importance to fashionable style there. However these
cities' central areas have been taken over by global sporting brands, thus, this
will be a hard option for Lining Company.
However Wharton Business School's
Professor Hawker doesn't mind these barriers and hazards being faced by Lining
Enterprise. In this particular case, Lining Company doesn't have much burden,
and it hasn't got a timeless brand image in people's mind yet, so it will gain
Just like the company's pioneer and chief executive once said. "On the
playground Dawson Knox
, an athlete needs to take actions actively and contend for the
first place industriously. Only have this vision, there will be a chance of
becoming the final winner". He will agree to put this mindset into commercial
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