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Donnerstag, 22. August 2019, 10:09

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Mac WMV to iPod Converter - Convert WMV to iPod on Mac Computers Articles |
March 22 Wholesale
Gustav Forsling Jersey
, 2012
Mac WMV to iPod Converter is a full-featured, easy and time-saving program
for you to convert WMV to video formats that the iPod accepts.

When you choose a Mac WMV to iPod converter, you may have several
requirements of it, such as format and device support, easy-to use, time-saving
features, etc. We have made a detailed analysis for a video converter Wholesale John
Hayden Jersey
, and like to recommend it to you, check if it fits
your needs.

WMV to iPod Converter for Mac provides you with the best solution of how to
play WMV files on your iPod. With this powerful Mac WMV to iPod Converter, you
can convert WMV to iPod on Mac OS easily. Below is an introduction of this tool
from three aspects:

Supported formats and devices:

Convert all video formats (HD video, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4 Wholesale
Brandon Manning Jersey
MKV Wholesale
Brandon Saad Jersey
, RM) to iPod formats.Support all types of iPod
(iPod nano, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod Shuffle).Support iPhone, iPad, Apple

User friendly interface
You will easily know the steps to convert WMV to
iPod once you launch the program: simply import a WMV file, select an iPod
output format Wholesale
Artem Anisimov Jersey
, choose a destination for your converted
file to be saved to, and begin the conversion process.

Time-saving features:

Batch Conversion
Everyone loves saving time, right? The batch conversion
feature of this Mac WMV to iPod converter enables you to import several WMV
files to the program at one time, and convert them to different iPod output
formats with a single click of your mouse. This WMV to iPod converter can turn
your computer off for you once the files have been converted.

Extracting Segments
WMV to iPod Converter for Mac is also a tool that
enables you to extract your favorite segments from the video, which saving you
time greatly as you won't have to convert the entire video file.

Fast conversion speeds:
It takes the advanced Multi-Core CPU acceleration
technology to quicken conversion speed.

Other features:
It supplies rich output video and audio parameters for you
to customize output iPod videos. Besides, it allows you take snapshots in BMP,
JPG Wholesale
Chris Kunitz Jersey
, GIF format, etc.

To transfer WMV to your iPod, please do as follows!

Step 1: Download and install
Free download WMV To iPod Converter for MAC,
and then launch this iPod converter.Step 2: Import WMV files
Click "Add" or
"Add folder" button to input WMV files to the conversion list.Step 3: Specify
output settings
In "Profiles" drop down list, select an output format and
proper resolution for the video to be played on your iPod.
You can
set your own parameters for your profile, such as video screen size, video and
audio quality.Step 4: Start to convert WMV to iPod
Click "start" to begin WMV
to iPad conversion. Then wait a moment to transfer the new format video to your

As said above Wholesale
Alex DeBrincat Jersey
, the Mac WMV to iPod Converter can also
convert other video formats to iPad compatible formats, which can be a necessary
video converter for your iPod. Use it to convert all videos to iPod files on Mac
OS to enjoy them on your iPod anytime anywhere.

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