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The Glacier Express journey between St Moritz and
Zermatt Wholesale Curry White
, is not a high speed intercity dash. It is a 7 hour travel
experience through some of the most spectacular valley and alpine scenery in
Europe. It travels through glorious scenery at a leisurely pace demanded by
hairpin turns, high bridges and mountain tunnels.

Imagine viewing from
your panoramic window, tiny picturesque valley villages set below soaring peaks,
raging river torrents and high, snow covered mountain passes?

There are
2 trains each day. One starts at St Moritz and the other at Zermatt. They run
throughout the year and all seasons are very popular, so you have to book. The
Swiss meadows in summer are covered in flowers and make a spectacular sight. In
winter Wholesale Curry Black
, most of the countryside, particularly the alpine passes,
will be snow covered. It is a unique experience waving at skiers as your train
climbs to the top of mountain passes!

Fall or autumn however, has a
special magic. The mornings are generally clear, crisp and sunny, early season
snowfalls have carpeted mountain peaks and the deciduous trees display a variety
of brilliant golds Wholesale Curry Shoes
, reds and yellows.
The mid October morning in St.
Moritz was typical for this time of the year. On the previous night, a light
fall of snow had blanketed nearby mountains and the temperature on the St.
Moritz bahnhoff platform, as we waited to board the Glacier Express, was
hovering around a chilling zero degrees. The day however, was superb, with
promise of fine weather to take advantage of the breathtaking

The journey to Zermatt follows the mountainous backbone of
Switzerland from east to west Wholesale Curry Shoes
, passes the source of two major European rivers, the
Rhone and Rhine, crosses 291 bridges and goes through 91 tunnels. A series of
tunnels, approximately an hour's journey from St. Moritz, are spirals inside a
mountain. They were ranked among the world's greatest feats of railway
engineering at the turn of the century.

The Glacier Express route has
historical significance dating back to the 13th century. The river valleys going
both north south and east west have been the crossroads of central Europe for

The first part of the journey to Disentis follows a narrow
valley surrounded by mountain peaks. The best views are on the left side of the
train. An example is the magnificent valley scenery as the train leaves
Landwasser tunnel and immediately crosses the famous Landwasser viaduct towering
high above the stream below.

If every journey has its magic moments,
mine came as we left the tunnel. A sudden and unexpected mist swirled around the
train windows Wholesale Curry High
, momentarily shutting out the wondrous alpine view like
stage curtains closing on a play. The next minute, a patchwork of emerald green
pastures and clusters of dark wooden farmhouses appeared. Firebox red geraniums
filled boxes at every window.

The climb from Disentis to Andermatt, over
the 2030 metre Oberalp pass, is spectacular, as the train leaves the valley and
ascends above the tree line. At each turn of the track, there are flashes of
glacial lakes rimmed with tiny Wholesale Curry Mid
, delicate wildflowers. Small groups of hikers, decked out in
bright woolly sweaters, felt hats and stout boots were making their way slowly
up the mountainside.

It was here that memories of my childhood geography
lessons came flooding back. On the alpine meadows were the cows, complete with
bells, grazing on the highland grasses while further down the valley little
barns and farmhouses dotted the landscape. Since Disentis the line has been
following the Rhine gorge, with its source near Lake Oberalp at the top of the
pass and the highest point of the journey.

Lake Oberalp has a spectacular
wilderness appearance as the glass like surface reflects the surrounding snow
covered mountain peaks. Towering above all Wholesale Curry Low
, these vast and rugged mountains pierce the clouds, staking
their claim as one of the great natural wonders of Europe. An awe inspiring

The descent from the pass down to Andermatt is perhaps the most
spectacular of the entire journey, with panoramic views along the length of the
Urseren valley from both sides of the train.

Andermatt is a great place
for a one day stopover .A cable car ride to the summit of nearby Gemsstock
mountain, with a spectacular panorama of the central alps, is recommended. A
hike down the Schollenen Gorge to Goschenen. is also worthwhile. This village is
on the main road and rail link between Zurich and Milan through the St. Gotthard

Leaving Andermatt, the train passes through the 15km Furka tunnel
before commencing its descent following the Rhone valley to Brig. It is
important to stay on the train at Brig Wholesale Curry
, a main junction and the terminus of the Furka Oberalp
railway. There is a change of locomotive, as we journey on another privately
owned railway, the Brig Visp Zermatt railway and enter the Swiss canton of

On a clear day there are glimpses of the Matterhorn, as the train
approaches Zermatt. This picturesque alpine village is the terminus of the
Glacier Express journey and it is worth spending 2 or 3 days here enjoying the
peace and quiet without the noise of motor vehicles. All vehicles must park at
Tasch further down the mountain. Zermatt is the base for numerous mountain walks
or a spectacular cog railway journey up to Gornergrat, a plateau opposite the

Sitting in the sunshine outside the charming restaurant at
Gornergrat and gazing at this magnificent mountain, I reflected on the previous
day's travel and my journey through Switzerland. Beyond these mountain
splendors Cheap Under Armour Curry Shoes
, Switzerland's great strength lies in the vigour and candour
of its people. Friendly yet always respectful, and like their famous trains,
perfectly punctual, they are passionat
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