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Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2018, 06:44

reputation Mark Jackson Jersey

Samsung's top-line new handsets Domantas
Sabonis Jersey
, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, were introduced in New York
by Justin Denison, senior vice president of product strategy for the South
Korean giant (AFP PhotoTimothy A. CLARY )
New York - Samsung on Wednesday unveiled its new Galaxy S8
smartphones Bojan
Bogdanovic Jersey
, incorporating the virtual assistant Bixby, as
the market leader seeks to rebound from a chaotic handset recall and a
corruption scandal.

The South Korean giant's mobile chief DJ Koh told a New York
event the Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets marked "a new era of smartphone design."

Fitted with screens of 5.8 and 6.2 inches, the two handsets
include Samsung's upgraded digital assistant Bixby T. J. Leaf
, competing in a crowded field that includes Apple's Siri,
Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The most striking feature of the new phones is what Samsung
dubs an "infinity display" -- an expanded glass screen that covers the entire
front of the device and appears to curve seamlessly around its edges. The home
button has been replaced with a pressure-sensitive section embedded under the

Both phones are water resistant and allow for biometric
authentication with fingerprint and iris scanners.

Bixby marks a further step into services for the world's
biggest smartphone vendor, allowing users to shop Thaddeus Young
, search for images and get details about nearby places with
image recognition technology and geolocation.

Samsung's services chief Sriram Thodla said Bixby would allow
for better navigation of applications on the phone.

"We've built intelligence into the camera," he said.

"If you see something you want to buy, just point the camera
at it and Bixby will find it from one of our partners."

The digital assistant will also enhance the phone's
capabilities as a remote control for connected home devices Al Jefferson
, Thodla said.

The South Korean electronics giant late last year bought Viv,
an artificial intelligence startup with co-founders who were part of the team
that built virtual assistant Siri, which Apple bought some seven years ago.

As Samsung's top-line handsets Cory Joseph
, the Galaxy S8 models will challenge the latest Apple

The new phones will be available starting April 21, Samsung
said. In the US market, they will be sold through major carriers and
retailers Joe Young
, with unlocked devices priced from $725.

- After the debacle -

The Galaxy S8 release comes after Samsung was forced to recall
its Note 7 phones for catching fire due to overheating batteries.

The debacle cost the South Korean company billions of dollars
in lost profit and hammered its global reputation and credibility, during a
torrid period that has also seen it embroiled in a corruption scandal.

Its vice-chairman Lee Jae-Yong, heir to the parent Samsung
group Lance
Stephenson Jersey
, has been arrested and indicted for bribery,
along with four other senior executives, in connection with a graft scandal that
saw ex-president Park Geun-Hye impeached.

Samsung apologized to consumers for the recall and was forced
to postpone the S8 launch. Its investigation blamed the problems on faulty

The firm later embarked on a campaign to restore its battered
reputation Mark Jackson
, placing full-page advertisements in US newspapers that
admitted it "fell short" on its promises.

The tech giant says it has also come up with elaborate
step-by-step safety verification procedures for future products to prevent
similar disasters.

As part of its launch, Samsung will be including its Gear
virtual reality headset to customers pre-ordering the handsets.

Samsung also introduced its Dex adapter which allows the
smartphones to be transformed into desktop computers.

- Positive reviews -

Analysts offered generally positive reviews while expressing
caution over the high price tag.

"The price of the new phones is up to $10

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