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Montag, 16. Juli 2018, 04:41

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Runners pee in public due to lack of toilets Beijing Marathon
Photo: Ecns Photo: Ecns Photo: Ecns Photo: Ecns
World bronze medalist Tola wins Beijing Marathon with new event record

Tadese Tola of Ethiopia broke the event record set 27 years ago to win the
men's race at the Beijing International marathon here on Sunday puma suede
heart satin uk
, two months after he claimed a marathon bronze
medal at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow, Russia.

"It was my first time to compete in Beijing and I am happy for today's
result," said Tola, who will turn 26 by the end of the month. "The weather is
very good and the course is very good too."

Tola clocked two hours, seven minutes and 16 seconds to finish the race,
trimming the former event record set by Japanese runner Taisuke Kodama in 1986
by 19 seconds.

The Ethiopian improved his marathon personal best to 2:04:49 and finished
third in his first race of 2013 at the Dubai Marathon. He also finished as
runner-up at the the 2013 Paris Marathon.

"After the World Championships I never stopped training. So I came to Beijing
with good form," said Tola who clocked 2:10:23 to take the bronze in Moscow
worlds with the gold went to Olympic champion Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda in

Launched in 1981 puma
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, the Beijing Marathon witnessed a fast
and close competition on Sunday as the leading trio were almost
shoulder-to-shoulder at the last 500 meters, before Tola surged a fast
homestretch sprint to hit the finishing line first.

Benard Kiprop Kipyego of Kenya trailed 3 seconds behind to finish second
while his countryman Rono Daniel Kipkurgat finished third in 2:07:20.

China's 22-year-old runner Zhang Yingying claimed the title of women's event
in 2:31:19, extending China's overwhelming record in the women's race of Beijing
Marathon as it was the 22nd straight women's title won by Chinese since 1992.

Makda Harun Haji of Ethiopia pocketed the silver in 2:33:04 while the bronze
was notched by Yeshimebet Tadesse Bifa, also from Ethiopia, in 2:35:20.

"I just ran to my normal level today like I usually did in my training.
During the last part of the race I was leading alone and I think if someone can
chase me closely the result could be better," said Zhang, whose personal best is
2:22:38 when she won the Xiamen Marathon with a course record in 2008.

"After 35 kilometers I was feeling exhausted but I managed to hang on and
took the gold puma
basket heart patent womens
," she added.

Zhang claimed the half marathon title at Beijing Marathon in 2006 and
finished second in the full length race in 2007. She also competed in the
women's 5,000m and 10,000m event in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Results of 2013 Beijing Marathon

Following are the results from the 2013 Beijing Marathon on Sunday:


1. Tadese Tola, Ethiopia, two hours seven minutes 16 seconds

2. Benard Kiprop Kipyego, Kenya, 2:07:19

3. Rono Daniel Kipkurgat puma
basket heart patent uk
, Kenya, 2:07:20

4. Abebe Negewo Degefa, Ethiopia, 2:08:46

5. Jamin Ekai Ngaukon, Kenya, 2:11:11

6. Afewerk Mesfin Woldetensae, Ethiopia puma slippers
rihanna uk
, 2:11:26

7. Samson Kiflemariam Gashazghi, Eritrea, 2:11:56

8. Simon Kamama Mukun, Kenya, 2:12:13


1. Zhang Yingying, China, 2:31:19

2. Makda Harun Haji puma fur
slides black uk
, Ethiopia, 2:33:04

3. Yeshimebet Tadesse Bifa, Ethiopia, 2:35:20

4. Kimaiyo Ogla Jerono, Kenya, 2:36:57

5. Teshome Ayanu, Ethiopia fenty puma
fur slides black
, 2:37:26

6. Seada Kedir Adilo, Ethiopia, 2:38:32

7. Yang Dingrong, China, 2:38:36

8. Zheng Wenrong, China, 2:39:19

WASHINGTON fenty puma
fur slides uk
, July 5 (Xinhua) -- International Monetary Fund on
Wednesday called on G20 members to reduce excess external imbalances in order to
make global economic recovery more resilient.

"The global recovery remains on track. However, some of the forces driving
the recovery are adding to already high vulnerabilities and external
imbalances," said the IMF in a surveillance note released before the G20 summit
kicks off on Friday in Hamburg, Germany.

According to the research note, IMF considered the progress in reducing
excess current account imbalances in systemic economies has stalled in recent

It acknowledged that large and persistent imbalances can add to strains on
the multilateral trading system.

Countries with excess current account surplus, such as Germany and South
Korea, should use fiscal policy to boost public investment or domestic
demand puma the
trainer rihanna uk
, while excess-deficit economies, such as United
States and the United Kingdom, should take measures to consolidate their fiscal
conditions, according to the note.

"Both surplus and deficit countries should confront this problem now to avoid
larger corrections down the road," IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said
in a blog on Wednesday.

"This summit is also a chance to strengthen the global trading system and
reaffirm our commitment to well-enforced rules that promote competition while
creating a level playing field," said Lagarde.

The IMF gave an optimistic assessment of the global economy in the research
note. "Growth outturns in the first quarter and high-frequency data generally
confirmed a strengthening of global activity, supported by a cyclical upturn in
manufacturing puma
rihanna creepers white uk
, investment, and stronger trade growth,"
said the IMF.

It said that current economic data suggested a broadly similar outlook
compared to its April World Economic Outlook report. In April, it forecast the
global economy to grow 3.5 percent in 2017 and 2018 after 3.1 percent growth in

However, it also warned of rising financial vulnerabilities. Emerging markets
continued to see increased corporate leverage and bank vulnerabilities, and many
advanced economies continued to experience restricted financial sector
profitability due to very low interest rates and high levels of non-performing
loans. .

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