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Freitag, 30. März 2018, 02:01

combats nike air force 1 basse rosse

NEW YORK nike air
force 1 bianche e blu
, Dec. 23 (Xinhua) -- Oil prices rallied
Wednesday as U.S. crude stockpiles decreased more than expected.

The West Texas Intermediate for February delivery moved up 1.36 U.S. dollars
to settle at 37.5 dollars a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, while
Brent crude for February delivery increased 1.25 dollars to close at 37.36
dollars a barrel on the London ICE Futures Exchange.

HAVANA, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- Cuba will set up the National Series of Boxing
(NSB), an adaptation of the world contest nike air
force 1 bianche e oro
, in which current edition the island's
"Domadores" are intervening successfully, the local federation of the discipline
said here Tuesday.

This new tournament will allow enlarging the number of athletes familiarized
with "certain competitive peculiarities", while maintaining the collective
matches and the essence of the classificatory schedule, said Cuba's sports
official site Jit.

Its preliminary stages will be distributed in the western nike air
force 1 rosse e nere
, central and oriental regions, though the
fights will contain four rounds, and providing a single ticket per area to the
final event.

The first stage will be held in Matanzas city from April 4-9, as well as in
Camagey and Holguin from April 4-8 nike
air force 1 rosse e bianche
, with action in the categories of 49,
56, 64, 75 and 91 kilograms (C-1).

Another segment will fight in 52 nike
air force 1 bianche e nere
, 60, 69, 81 and over 91 kilograms (C-2)
in the cities of Pinar del Rio, Villa Clara and Las Tunas nike air force
1 bianche basse
, starting on April 30.

In both stages the teams will be allowed to prepare up to 16 contestants, two
as minimum for weight, because each presentation demands to rest during the
following days. The conclusive phase, with five-round combats nike air force 1
basse rosse
, will take place from June 24-29 in the Havana Sport
City, receiving the three regional pointers, reinforced with members of the
pre-selection elite, non acting before nike air force 1
nere basse
, the source said.

Cuba participated at the 4th World Series of Boxing, a semi- professional
competition sponsored by the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA).

By Sportswriter Cao Jianjie

SAPPORO, Japan, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- With the Asian Winter Games winding down
without a glitch in Sapporo, it is time for the three-time host of the
continental event to seriously consider a bid for the Winter Olympics.

Sapporo was the first Asian city to host the Winter Games and its 1972
Olympic legacy still lasts to this day.

Most of the Asian Games competitions, including Alpine skiing, snowboarding,
ski jumping, biathlon and ice hockey, were held on renovated 1972 venues,
winning a nod from Olympic Council of Asian President Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al
Sabah, who said Sapporo has all the facilities needed to bring the Winter
Olympics back.

Sapporo officials said they are mulling over a bid for 2026, but nothing
official has been decided.

"Our citizens' interest in bidding for the Winter Olympics is rising," said
Sapporo mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto, also the chief organizer of the Winter Asiad.

The OCA president suggests Sapporo bid for the 2026 Games, saying "Sapporo is
capable and ready."

It would mean the IOC would return to a city in Asia for a third straight
time following PyeongChang in 2018 and Beijing in 2022.

The Japanese Olympic Committee has yet openly voiced their support for a 2026
bid, considering Tokyo is hosting the Summer Olympics in 2020.

Sapporo's abilities in organizing big games have been recognized by the 2022

"I am impressed with their savvy, diligence and efficiency," said Wang
Yanxiao, head of a six-member "learning team" sent by the Beijing 2022
organizing committee.

"We come to learn," added Wang, "especially in the areas of personnel
management, tech support, venue design and construction, post-games use of
facilities and venues, as well as media service."

Wang noted a deeply-rooted winter sports tradition in Sapporo.

"In addition to natural resources, Sapporo has a great winter sports
tradition and a perfect atmosphere, as well as a deep pool of winter sports
personnel," Wang said.

Wei Jizhong, an OCA honorary life vice president, gave glowing marks to

"People here are enthusiastic about winter sports, and they are very nice,"
said Wei.

"They are cheering for figure skaters from south Asia even though they
tumbled on the ice. Volunteers are very helpful, and 79 percent of tickets were
sold out," he added.

Bidding applications for 2026 are expected to be due early in 2018 and the
International Olympic Committee will decide a winner in 2019.

BEIJING, March 28 (Xinhua) -- China's Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and the
UN World Food Programme (WFP) on Tuesday jointly announced the launch of a
strategic plan in a bid to reduce hunger in China and other developing

As a collaboration among the MOA, WFP and other partners, the five-year plan
lasting from 2017 to 2021 aims to help realize the goal of ending hunger,
achieving food security and improved nutrition and promoting sustainable
agriculture, one of the 17 goals raised by the UN for its 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development, according to the launch event.

By implementing the plan, China and WFP hope to bring about several outcomes,
including reducing the stunting rate among Chinese children, providing
smallholder farmers with better conditions and access to markets, as well as
improving South-South cooperation between China and other developing countries.

The plan will not only help people in remote and poor areas in China, but
also serve as an example for other developing countries to reduce poverty and
hunger, said Sui Pengfei, director-general of International Cooperation of the

He added that this will be a new starting point for cooperation between China
and the WFP.

More than 30 million Chinese people were assisted by WFP's projects from 1979
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