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Though long espoused as crucial for the development of young
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, involvement in sports is highly beneficial for girls as well.
Young women involved in sports are more likely to achieve academically, have
increased self esteem, experience a higher level of health and wellness, learn
crucial skills for entering a competitive workforce, and enjoy the social
rewards that accompany working as a team and having fun with others. With the
availability of girls sports increasing, it is important that young women be
encouraged to participate and enjoy the higher quality of life that sports help
them achieve.

The most obvious benefit of involvement in sports is a
healthier body. All children involved in athletics experience a decrease in the
likelihood of developing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and several other
complications linked to a sedentary lifestyle. For young women, in particular,
there is a strong correlation between adequate exercise and a decreased risk for
breast cancer and
osteoporosis Wholesale Thunder
, both diseases that typically affect women. Studies also reveal
that girls involved in extracurricular activities are less likely to experience
an unwanted pregnancy. Being physically active when young increases the
likelihood that a person will live an active lifestyle as an

Studies indicate that young people who are involved in athletic
activities achieve higher grades and are more likely to complete high school and
college. This may be because adequate exercise improves mental acuity. It may
also be attributed to the fact that children in sports are less likely to abuse
illegal substances, such as drugs and alcohol. Steering clear of these
substances helps young people stay focused on their academics and free of
dangerous distractions. There is also evidence that young people who play sports
are less likely to start smoking.

Women who are physically active
generally have higher self esteem. They experience a better body image than
their sedentary peers and exhibit more confidence. They are also less likely to
develop symptoms of depression. The feeling of accomplishment that athletics can
garner, having a healthy body, and feeling strong and capable all help young
women feel good about themselves and experience a higher quality of

As more women enter the workforce, there are many job skills they
can acquire from participation in competitive sports. Young women can learn to
work as a team, to value a person s skills and abilities, to take orders from a
captain or supervisor, and acquire the confidence in their abilities necessary
to success in a competitive job market.

In addition to all the
quantifiable and tangible benefits of sports participation for young women,
there is also the immeasurable social reward. Sports offer girls an opportunity
to socialize with people of varying abilities and experiences. Through sports,
young women can find positive role models. They can learn the importance of
working hard, working together Cheap
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, and being fair. Athletics offer children a
myriad of social interaction and the delight that comes with playing a game and
having fun.

With all the benefits of participating in sports for young
girls, it is important to provide opportunity and encouragement to all young
women to compete and play. Athletics and competition are an integral part of any
child s growth and development, and young women are certainly no exception.
Used Tube Mill Recycling Process Used Tube Mill Recycling Process April 18,
2014 | Author: Juana Buchanan | Posted in Marketing

The mining industry requires the use durable machinery in the processes that
are undertaken. However, steel pipes are usually fitted in such machines are not
all that durable. This is because they are exposed to much heat and corrosion
during the mining process. Mills are some of such gadgets. They are located in
furnaces to pass out steam to the atmosphere since they are placed near
furnaces. Used tube mill usually serves the same purpose.

Various types of pipes are available. One of them is the low speed pipe. This
type is usually fitted with a rotating cylinder shell and thus can be rotated
easily. This is made possible by easy passing of the slurry as a final product.
Medium pipes are those which are needed for crushing of coal. Most of the mills
have these pipes in place. The medium pipes are installed initially.

The lifespan of pipes decreases due to the much temperature exposed to them.
Chemicals also play part in corroding these pipes hence high trends of
depreciation. Most local metal dealers prefer recycling the tube before selling
them or putting them to better usage. To achieve this, most of these tubes can
be galvanized further. After repair, most of those tubes are better.

The second hand pipes are not entirely disposed of without recycling them. It
is vital for one to understand the recycling process of such pipes. In most
recycling companies, a special manufacturing machine is installed in them. It
deals exclusively with the repair and putting to use the corroded pipes.
Reshaping of such pipes is done among other steps like cleaning them from
chemicals and dirt.

A special scanning machine is required in inspecting the pipes. Second hand
tubes are passed on it hence detection of cracks and defects is made easier.
Laser scanners are necessary, laser beams on these pipes do check on cracks. The
machine works at a great speed making sure no mounting of pipes is done in order
to eliminate delay in the receiving bay.

Reinstatement follows next. This step is whereby the annealed strips are
required to seal defects that are found on the machine. The strips are slit and
cut. These are then cut into the required sizes. After that they are fixed at
the required points.

Strip pickling department is charged with overseeing the entire process runs
smoothly. It e. Cheap
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