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Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2020, 02:00

pped and fell "dog nibbling mud

I ��m a little bird ... "Today Marlboro Gold, the little pig grunts when the owner is not at home, just like a bird just out of the cage, humming songs happily, came to play in the depths of the forest. The ancient trees towering Beautiful and unusual. "Oops!" Piggy sniffed and noticed the stone under his foot, and tripped and fell "dog nibbling mud." "Huh? What's the noise? Why is there a strange noise in the forest." He turned to think about it: What about him! It must have been the wind blowing the leaves rustlingly. The piggy snoring is still fascinated by the beautiful scenery, but the noise is getting louder and louder, and there is a "silk" sound for a while, and a "wow" sound. Curiosity prompted him to search for sound sources in the forest and saw a little fox fall into the trap. Seeing its pitiful appearance, Piggy grunted and folded a branch into the pit, letting it grab the branch and jump up. After saving it, it told Piggy Hulu Forest to hold a marathon, and it also participated. The little fox said: "This marathon must win the first place and get a big and sweet dumpling. Otherwise my father and mother might get divorced because of food problems!" Every animal in the world Everyone has parents, and no matter who is lost, his child must be very sad. So, Piggy Hulu made up his mind to help the little fox get the big dumpling. The piglet grunted all his fears and ran to the finish with a little fox on his back, but a river blocked our way. The so-called "Zhi Duoxing" pig grunt was also used by Song Jiang's military division-Wu (Wu). Piggy grunted and thought hard, and suddenly, a clever plan came into his mind Carton Of Cigarettes, "I can use the principle of ups and downs." So the piggy grunt made one of several pieces of wood, tied it behind his back, and let the little fox stand on the raft, while the piggy grunt carried the raft and swam to the opposite bank. In this way, they overcame many difficulties along the way, and finally saw the end in the distance. So, piggy snoring and carrying the little fox toward the end. Suddenly, a leopard surpassed them. Piggy snatched the little fox's tail and threw it at the leopard. The little fox stood steadily on the back of the leopard. The galloping leopard did not know. He ran the little fox to the finish stupidly. When the leopard was only a few meters away from the finish, the little fox jumped hard. reach destination. "Yeah, I am the champion, I am the champion!" The little fox jumped and jumped happily Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Piggy grunt came to their house with the little fox. The little fox's father and mother saw the little fox holding the trophy and holding the big dumplings triumphantly, and closed his mouth happily. The little fox told the parents about the ins and outs of the matter, and they were grateful. Farewell to the little fox, and the little pig grunted and went home. The host asked anxiously, "Wheeling pig, where have you gone? But I was terrified, why didn't you go home for a few days? Where did you go? Little pig grunting said secretly," Master, this is a secret I'll tell you later!
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