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balcony, "Ruowan, yo

The first warm sunlight in the morning shone on Yan Ruotong and Yan Ruowan's balcony. Today is the weekend, but my sister Yan Ruowan still gets up early and runs to the balcony excitedly. There is a pot of gentleman orchids on the balcony, cultivated by Yan Ruotong and Yan Ruowan. Yan Ruowan carefully watered the gentleman orchid and accidentally found a dying elf lying on a leaf. "Sister, come and see!" Yan Ruowan yelled in surprise. Yan Ruotong, who was still sleeping in the room, was struck on the ground by his sister's thunder. "Oh, it hurts me," Yan Ruotong complained and got up, lazily walked to the balcony, "Ruowan, you can whisper, you can hear downstairs." Yan Ruowan pulled Yan Ruotong's hand : "Look, there is an elf on the gentleman's orchid!" Yan Ruotong moved closer to the gentleman's orchid. His sleepy eyes were as wide as bronze bells Wholesale Cigarettes. Sister, it looks like it's injured, it's an arm. "Yan Ruowan looked at the spirit carefully. "Forget it, no matter what, it's most important to cure it," Yan Ruotong ordered, serious. "Remember, don't let mom know!" The two sisters simply bandaged the elves. But just after they had just wrapped up, their mother's voice passed into the house. "Baby, I'm back!" Yan Ruotong and Yan Ruowan were shocked. "What should I do? What should I do? My mother is back!" Yan Ruowan walked anxiously, just collided with Yan Ruotong. They both fell on their feet and rubbed their heads in pain. "Baby--" Mom walked towards their room. Inside the room, two people desperately tried to find a way, anxiety and restlessness swallowed the room, and the pace of her mother approached them step by step. Yan Ruotong's clever move: "By the way, the closet is big. Hurry and take the elves to hide inside, hurry!" Yan Ruowan nodded and took the elf straight into the closet. "Baby!" Mom opened the door. "Mom, is there something wrong?" Yan Ruotong pretended to be calm, but the small heart "banged" straight. My mother looked around and asked confusedly: "What if Ruowan?" "Well Newport 100S, if Ruowan she, she," Yan Ruo Tong thought for a while, "If Ruowan might go out." "Oh! I have sorted out your clothes, I'll put it in. "Mom was preparing to go in with the clothes. Yan Ruotong quickly blocked: "No!" "What can't?" "I mean, mom, you do so much work every day, these things still let me come, you still go to rest! Well, good bye! If Hitomi took the clothes, sent her mother out, and immediately closed the door. "By the way, hurry out and eat." Mom didn't know when to open the door, and Yan Ruotong, who was caught off guard, took a big jump and subconsciously nodded hard: "Uh huh Newport Cigarettes Coupons." When he heard Yan Ruotong, his mother shut down Come to the door. Yan Ruotong was tired and lying on the bed, calming his frightened heart: "It's alright, come out!" Yan Ruowan gently opened the closet door, and the elf woke up. Where is this? "" My home, we saved you. "Yan Ruotong explained feebly," Relax in my home in the past few days! "" Thank you. " "After the elf bowed politely for a few days, the elf's injury was cured. Yan Ruotong and Yan Ruowan quietly let it go while her mother was not there.
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