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Freitag, 17. April 2020, 08:55

Taste it slowly to feel

Taste it slowly to feel its sweetness. And if my happiness is described in one word, it is colorful. Once, while I was looking at the phone, I saw a painter upload a picture of him, drawing a pigeon, lifelike, as if at any time it might break through the paper and soar in the blue sky. This painting has a very deep impression on me. I feel that it is really a remarkable thing to paint a thing so vividly with brushes and paints. What I want is imagination, but it seems that I am not very close to this, so I started my copying career. At the beginning, I painted a boy in anime, but my face was too small, and the red lead on my lips was painted too much, so my mother said that I painted like a girl, but this did not Cause me to give up. My second painting is Mr. Lu Xun who picked up the flowers at the beginning of the night. This painting has relatively high color requirements, so I applied Mr. Lu Xun ��s clothes back and forth several times in order to achieve that visual effect. Finally, a "Mr. Lu Xun" suddenly jumped on the paper. Looking at Mr. Lu Xun, there was an indescribable happiness in my heart. Over time, I began to try to observe things around me-look at the branches and leaves of a tree Marlboro Red, observe the lines on the leaves, and the bark of different levels on the branches. At this time, I realized that it was just a little eye-catching. The branches are so beautiful and vitality. Just last week, I drew a picture for my friend. A little girl put Kongming lanterns on the cliff. I drew 16 Kongming lanterns, because this year is her 16th birthday. Added wings, hoping she can pursue the light. I think every painting will express the author's feelings, just like the flying pigeon. When I saw the happiness she couldn't hide when she received the painting Marlboro Gold, I was as happy as eating sweetmeat. A unique painting requires the patience and inspiration of the painter Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I believe I will draw that kind of painting. The painting makes me happy, just because I can use it to record my happy moments.
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