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Respect everyone and cherish every moment. Let the most beautiful smile bloom every day. Each of us is a passer-by in life, time is always passing by like a white horse, life can be said to be bland, but a smile can leave a profound impression on a person who needs it, and make that person Harvest warmth and happiness, or give yourself confidence and energy. For example, Hawking Newport Cigarettes. When he suffered from the pain that ordinary people cannot bear, he chose not to give up his career but to continue his scientific research while smiling. After undergoing cancer surgery, Zhang Haidi continued to fight with his life while smiling and won several honorary titles. Smile has nothing to do with rich or poor status. Perhaps when the rich are worried, the poor are elated. It is also possible that a healthy person is downcast, while a disabled person is smiling. Smile is neither a mockery of the poor nor a flattery to the rich. The smile in flattery is not a smile but a smirk, it is a mask, after all, it is not true and will not last. Everyone wants to be friends with someone who looks the same and who is optimistic, and talking to such people will make you happy. Smile means optimism. Smile more. A smile showing self-confidence is worth a thousand words to others. Whether it's a first encounter or a long relationship, a smile is enough to get closer to each other. The essence of a smile is kindness Marlboro Lights, encouragement, warmth, and a warmth to those who really understand it Wholesale Cigarettes. In fact, the beautiful scenery is always around us, but very few people will appreciate them. Smile is one of them, so we must try hard to smile.
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