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Samstag, 16. November 2019, 06:09

It is still the familiar big

It is still the familiar big porcelain cup, still light blue tea; everything is as old, but people are not. - Inscription Grandpa specializes in a cup. Said to be a teacup, in fact, is a white large porcelain cup, with the taste of the seventies and eighties. All seasons, I saw my grandfather in my hands, and I took a few mouthfuls from time to time. Grandma will make tea, so I will help my grandfather soak every time. The green tea leaves are thrown into the hot water, and there is a moment of life to stretch your body The tea leaves swirling in the water, giving off a scent. The heat rose and the cup was overcast. Grandpa took the tea and closed his eyes on the chair. Grandma picked up the newspaper today and read it slowly, word by word... The sun was shining on their faces, how warm it was! But since Grandpa died Marlboro Gold, everything was different. The big porcelain cup was placed in the cupboard by the grandmother, and it was covered with dust. The family is not talking about grandfather. I used to open the cabinet and the dust came. Grandma is really let go, I think. I couldn't sleep in the morning, I got up and prepared to write some homework. I can walk into my grandmother's bedroom, but I smell a faint fragrance. The scent made me shock and evoke memories of my heart. It seems that it was a distant past that opened a door seam. Sure enough, Grandma had washed the big porcelain cup and kept it in her hand. The fog in the house rose. Grandma is facing me, I can't see her expression, but I can hear her muttering: "Old man Newport 100S, you like to drink tea, I brought it to you. The family is very good, very Filial piety..." Grandma whispered a whisper and brought together the big things in the family. Naturally, I also mentioned me. The sun is as usual, and the sprinkling on the ground is a dreamy color. It seems that everything has not been gently covered up. This is the quietness of my grandmother. I should not bother. Really, I smell this tea again, I am like a world. In my mind, my grandfather��s voice and smile appeared. It��s a memory hidden in my heart. I think that I can��t relieve it for a lifetime. But at least, this is my love for my grandfather. Grandpa also loves me, otherwise, why do I always smell, a faint tea fragrance?
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