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Samstag, 16. November 2019, 06:08

ome, I always jump up

Flying flowers, scattered in the horizon, shallow ponds, koi doubles, the wind is smeared, with you, listening to the night. ����The inscription is another year when the spring flowers are blooming, the peach blossoms in the small courtyard are opened, the petals are flying, the Fanghua of the courtyard is falling, the veins on the trunk are touched, slowly, slowly, memorizing, quietly At the time of the exhibition, I was very small, just a naughty child who was going to play with my grandmother all day long. You are not annoyed. Just follow my wishes and bring me to your house to play with me. But every time I go to your home, I always jump up and down, messing up your things, you are tolerant, just laughing, following behind, silently clean up the mess. At that time, my favorite thing was the peach tree in your small courtyard. The most anticipated every year is spring, the season of peach blossoms, around the peach trees in the small courtyard, jumping and cheering Cigarettes Online, feeling The wonderful feeling that the petals fall on the body, every time, you will lean on the side, watching me laugh and play, smiles on the face, sometimes, a few words: "After a few days, There are peaches to eat." Every time, I will run over, my little face will go up, pull your clothes, and spoiled: "The grandmother must give me some peaches Cigarettes For Sale." "Okay, ok, how can I? Forgot my baby granddaughter? I will give you a few of the biggest ones at the time." Your answer has always been the same, and you have always changed. Listening to your words, I will always cheer and then run away excitedly. After waiting for some time, I finally hoped that the peaches will mature. You really left the biggest peaches to me. We have a chair, sitting in the small courtyard Marlboro Lights, holding the peaches, and eating and chatting while enjoying the sunshine. Falling in the small courtyard, warm, orange radiance reflected on the shoulders, reddish your white hair, everything is so beautiful... I thought that you will always be with me forever, I thought, you I will always hold the peach forever, with me, chatting in the warm afternoon, but I don��t want to, these "forever", of course, is just a luxury. You have passed away. The mother who has been crying for a long time, pulls me, comes to your small courtyard again, and sees everything that is familiar. Then I think that you are no longer in the world, and your heart is hurting. "Flowers are open." Mother is crying because of it. Some hoarse voices suddenly sounded. I looked up and looked at the peach tree: "Yes, the flowers are gone. After a few days, there are peaches to eat." Turned and looked at the empty cabin, muttering. "Right? Grandma..." The hand that was lightly placed on the trunk suddenly sighed for a long time. Finally, I sighed and sighed. I slowly turned around, looked up, the sun was just right, and the flowers were colorful. In the meantime, as if to see, you are still like that, leaning on the door, smiling, calling me to eat peach. After all, there are some embarrassment, yeah. After all, no matter how many peach trees have been seen, how brilliant the peach blossoms are, it is not the class tree, and there is no such person. Only the peach tree in the grandmother��s small house allows me to spend an afternoon. Suddenly, quiet memories, a peach blossom suddenly fell, touched the tip of the nose, a burst of fragrance, I stunned, and suddenly laughed, this is a familiar flower, long-lost flowers.
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