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Samstag, 7. September 2019, 07:15

y the 23rd plan that

y the 23rd plan that Xiaoyu wants, and the plan that makes mom laugh. Umbrella, took off the rain boots and ran to the room. "Mom, Mom, I am going to take you to the sun today." Rain pushed the wheelchair and tried to get the mother to sit in the wheelchair from the bed Carton Of Cigarettes, but it was too difficult for Xiao Yu. The rain moved a small stool, little by little. Supporting the mother to move to the wheelchair. The mother is still dull and does not move. It took nearly two hours, and the rain finally moved my mother to the wheelchair. "Finally got it." The light rain whispered, and the sweat on his forehead fell down and stood at the door, and found that the rain became much smaller, and the sky was drizzling. The rain took the big umbrella and put it on the left side of the wheelchair handle, and fixed the rope, so they set off. The roadside people did not stop to say hello, but the rain was still shining to everyone. They crossed a road and walked to the corner of the street, where they opened a flower shop. The exterior of the florist is painted in green-brown paint, like a piece of green on the corner. Xiao Yu��s mother used to like to come to this flower shop often. The rain picked up the red, bright red rose. My mother always liked the red rose. Xiaoyu hoped that this flower would make my mother's mood better. Handed to the mother's hand, the mother did not mean it, the rain had to be placed on the mother's lap. Going out of the store, the rain stopped, the rain picked up the umbrella and pushed the mother to move on. There is a park at the corner of the road. At that time, Xiao Yu's mother often drove her and her father to play in the park. There were laughter and laughter in almost every corner of the park. Today, Xiao Yu brought her mother to the park and hoped her mother would be happy. After a long time of turning, the rain was tired, and when I arrived at the promenade, the rain stopped and sat down on the chair, telling the mother carefully about every good thing they used to be in the park. The rain looked at the sky, the color of the sky became very white, like the face of the pale grandmother, without a trace of ruddy. Xiao Yu endured tears and said to his mother, "Mom, I tell you, when you wait, the sun will come out, really, don't lie to you." Rain has been praying for the sky to appear in the sky. It was raining and taking my mother around in the park. It was an hour and a half before the words were just over, and the sky was still pale. The mood of Xiaoyu was so low that she didn't know what to do. She should continue to wait and look forward to it. "Little rain~ It seems that my father's voice came from afar. Xiaoyu came back, and my heart suddenly felt happy, pushing my mother's wheelchair. That voice. Light rain went to the place of the rockery, the voice came from there, looking left and right, still no father's figure. Suddenly she was stunned by the sight in front of her eyes, there was a "sun" in front of her eyes, she did not Believe in your own eyes, busy calling the mother "Mom, have you seen it, have you seen it, it is the "sun"! The mother stared at the "sun" in front of her eyes. It seemed that she did not believe her eyes. It was put together and the rose in her hand fell to the ground. But this did not last long, and the mother immediately recovered. The look, still staring at the front, revealing a hint of despair. Xiaoyu did not understand, and when he stepped forward, he found that the so-called "sun" was fake. Huge yellow cardboard around Around a small yellow light, in the distance, it is indeed like the sun. The rain suddenly wows, and the grievances in my heart are all released. The father who has been holding the cardboard behind has dropped the cardboard and walked quickly. In front of the rain, I was at a loss. The father of Xiaoyu found that no one at home came to Wang Hao after he got off work. He listened to Wang Hao and said that he knew everything. He made a cardboard sun and hoped his wife would return to his former appearance. Xiao Yu��s father I can only touch the back of the rain that is lying on the ground with my right hand. Dad, I just want to make my mother happy." Rain is crying, twitching, my heart is very sad. "It doesn't matter, we can use it." The way to make my mother happy, Xiao Yu, ��" Father comforted that Xiao Yu's mother slowly turned her head and looked at Xiao Yu and her father, as if to say something, but the look was dimmed, a tear fell Down, still no words, quietly watching Xiao Yu and her father. Mom, what's wrong with you?" Xiaoyu noticed the mother's expression and rushed over. "Xiao Li, we will always be together, I will always love you, I have nothing to do with Wang Hao, you have to believe me." Father holding his mother I couldn��t help but cry. In the memory of Xiao Yu, my father didn��t cry very much Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It was the second time that Xiao Yu saw his father crying. She became more and more sad. ��I��m fine.�� The mother��s sudden weak voice speaks. The breath was weak like a mosquito. But Xiao Yu and his father still heard it. Father and Xiao Yu were very surprised. They looked up at her and couldn��t seem to believe their ears. The mother spoke. ��It��s my fault, it��s harmful. Everyone is so hard, I should believe you." Xiao Yu��s mother made a clearer speech this time. The mother still loves her father. "I shouldn��t let you worry so much for me." Xiao Yu��s mother went on and said, it��s like doing something wrong. The child of the matter, squatting his head. "I always feel that life is going to end like this, but I still have a pistachio daughter and a husband who loves me. Even if there is not much time left, I still have to be happy. The mother laughed. The father and Xiao Yu followed the smile. The mother looked at them with embarrassment. The face began to have a smile, as if returning to the sunset that was so happy and infinite. From that day on, the weather began to get better and the sun was gradually revealed, but it was no longer important.
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