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Samstag, 7. September 2019, 07:14

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It was raining outside the window, and the rain was lying on the bed, glanced out the window and continued to look back at the ceiling. This bad weather has been going on for nearly a month, and the dark light has flowed into every corner of the room. "Light rain, get up and have breakfast." The sound of the sly pulled back the thoughts of Xiaoyu. "Come, Dad." The rain rolled on the bed and climbed up. "Dad, has the mother ever eaten it?" Well, I just fed her to eat. "Then I went to talk to my mother." The rain rose from the chair and stood up, holding the bowl, and stuffed some pickles in the porridge and ran to the mother's room. The mother's illness, according to the doctor, can only wait for death slowly. It can only be alive for only two months. The rain does not cry. Xiaoyu knows that she should cry, but the rain at that time is not crying. On that day, Xiao Yu saw his father secretly wiped his tears outside the ward Newport Cigarettes. The dark skin looked pale and weak. The tears fell down the gully under the eyelids and fell to the ground. Since the mother came back from the hospital Cigarettes Online, she never said anything, and she never had a smile. "Mom, Mom" ??mother turned to look at the rain. The eyes are full of red bloodshot, pale face, no ruddy. My mother had long since disappeared because of the chemotherapy done some time ago. The bare head was wearing a red furry hat. It was Xiao Yu specially woven to her mother. My father said that Xiao Yu was really capable, but the mother still did not have a happy smile. Xiao Yu did not know the mother. What happened, why didn't he talk all the time? The father said that his mother was depressed and depressed all day, and eventually got depression. Xiaoyu didn't know what depression was. He only knew that the disease made his mother unhappy and didn't talk. In fact, Xiao Yu secretly saw that the mother wanted to commit suicide and was stopped by her father. Xiao Yu moved to a small bench, took the bowl, sat on the side of the mother's bed, pulled the porridge, began to eat, and told her mother about her summer vacation, the mother still stared at the rain, said nothing. . Light rain even felt that the mother was actually dead, leaving only the body, and staying in this world, the father went to work after breakfast. It was still raining outside, the rain was slamming at the door, watching people walk around, hurriedly, the rain did not disturb their rhythm. The sound of rain against the ground is very arrogant. Even if it rains, there are still no signs of diminishing people outside, probably because they want to live in the rushing, and Xiaoyu thinks that the rain has stopped for a short time. Wang Hao is here. Xiao Yu has always liked Wang Hao, because Wang Hao is the only relative who will visit her mother. The mother's illness is like a plague. All relatives are avoiding the rainy house. Uncle Li, who lives opposite the Xiaoyu home, said that the mother's illness is unknown. For a time, rumors began, some people said that because of the relationship between the father and Wang Hao, the mother misunderstood. The mother became ill with this disease and became obsessed. Some people say that it is because the mother is depressed all day, it will become like this. Some people say that this is because God is punishing the mother, so that the mother gave birth to this strange disease, is the mother's illness, only let God keep raining, God is punishing the mother, everyone is suffering. Xiao Yu didn't believe it. She thought it was not logical. Some people who believed in the gods said something about the gods, but there were a lot of people who believed it, but Wang Hao did not believe it. Wang Hao came in with a bowl of dumplings. "Wang Ayi" Xiao Yu looked like a happy face on Wang Hao's body. "Hey, be careful, be careful, you are a bear child." Saying that Wang Hao went to the room, "Xiao Li, is it better? I made a bowl of dumplings for you, come, I will feed you." Every time Wang Hao came to visit her mother, the first sentence was almost always asking her mother better. In fact, Wang Hao also knows the mother's condition, but did not say it, treat her mother as usual. The mother was still dull, did not speak, did not refuse the dumplings that were fed to the mouth, opened her mouth mechanically, chewed a few times, and swallowed her belly. Xiao Yu looked at the dumplings one by one and was fed in the mother's mouth and swallowed the water Parliament Cigarettes. "Little rain, I will feed your mother, we will go back to eat lunch, we will eat dumplings at noon, and the aunt packs a lot of cockroaches." Every day at noon, Wang Hao will pick up the rain and go to lunch, but also take care of the little mother to feed her to eat. "Good yeah, long live the king Auntie!" Xiao Yu was very happy, but it was raining and raining outside the window. The sound, coupled with the gray light, was even scary and rainy, holding her pink umbrella and Wang Hao into the rain. Turn left, walk 10 meters forward and then turn left, then go to Wang Hao's home, father let Xiao Yu firmly remember the route, so that what can happen at home can find Wang Hao. Into Wang Hao's home, Xiao Yu quickly ran to the table, waiting for Wang Yuduan dumplings to come up, it looks like, the rain is starving. Wang Shuo��s home is a very warm home. His son will come back to see Wang Hao every week. Although Wang Hao is a resident, Wang Hao never feels lonely, and his face always has a smile and a light rain. After she had finished her lunch, she ran home and she was very excited. She was very happy. She was thinking about how to make her mother happy. The rain is still down, there is no stopping, but the sky seems to have some bright colors. Aunt Wang said that the sun may appear this afternoon. Xiao Yu decided to take the mother out to see the sun in the afternoon. This is alread
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