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Montag, 18. Dezember 2017, 02:36

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Thane is the part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and is a
city in the Indian state Maharashtra. Literacy rate of thane is higher than the
national average of literacy rate i.e. above 80%. The literacy rate of the city
shows that the place is concerned about the education and considers it as an
essential part of life. Thane is recently emerging as a rising star in
education. Government is taking steps to take education on new and higher levels
in the city.

The schools in Thane are affiliated to various boards
and there are various types of schools in the city such as nursery schools
consisting of classes up to UKG or
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, public schools and international schools. All these schools are
doing best at their level and are highly in demand. Some of the best
International schools in Thane are Billabong High International School, Arya
Cambridge International School and Ryan International School.

aim of these schools is to cultivate the curiosity of learning so that a student
can learn something for lifetime and develop sensitivity towards human beings,
wild life and the environment. The students are trained with global education to
face the challenges internationally.

Apart from the International
schools, Thane also comprises some of the very good public schools. Public
schools are the ones that accept students from all the backgrounds without any
discrimination. Public schools of Thane are Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir, DAV Public
School, Smt. Sulochnadevi Singhania School and Rahul group of schools and

Rahul group of schools and colleges established at Navgarh
Road is a co educational school with an aim of imparting education that empowers
a student. School has proved its excellence in academics over the years; it
gives strength to the students and allows them to dream about their success.
Student of the school are
learning Zlatan
Ibrahimovic Manchester United Jersey
, growing and enjoying the experience
of schooling education with all their heart.

The school understands
that to be able to produce successful results of students, it needs to provide
the best infrastructure to the students. The infrastructure of the school
includes well designed and sophisticated spacious classrooms with excellent
ventilating conditions, well equipped laboratory, and library with number of
books related to all the subjects available, sports room consisting many games
facilities and computer lab facility.

Students at secondary level are
mature enough to understand the concept of the schools but little kids are not.
Therefore to handle a kid at the initial level of schooling education is one of
the toughest tasks and should be dealt with care and patience. There are many
nursery schools in Thane that provides education only to the little kids away
from the crowd, where a child feels comfortable and homely. Such schools are
Brainworks Play School located in Panch
Pakhadi Wayne
Rooney Manchester United Jersey
, Podar Happy Kids in Charai and
Brainworks Play School on Ghodbunder Road. The teachers of these schools are
well trained and are affectionate towards kids. The schools are only concerned
about the needs of little champs. They are taught without any pressure. Swings,
crafts, food and many other things are available to them in the

Thane is developing at a faster rate and that day is not far
when it will be considered as one of the educational hubs of the country. The
schools are diligent and meet up all the expectations of the parents and

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