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n by the king as a tribute

During this winter vacation, I read a book called "The King of the Wind". By Margaret Henry, a distinguished American child writer. When the dumb horse boy Agba was born, "Shan" promised: "My name is Agba. The pronunciation of 'Ba' and 'Dad' is similar. I am your father. Everyone will bow to you, and you will become the king of the wind. I promise that "Shine" will be born without the father and mother, with the grain of wheat spikes representing omen and the white spots representing an excellent horse racing Newport Cigarettes. Thanks to the extra care of the dumb horse boy Agaba, he was fed into a horse fortunately chosen by the king as a tribute to the French king. On the way to the tribute, in addition to the long drift at sea, but also the hunger, "Shan" had already lost weight when he arrived in France, and had lost the "character" and physique of the horse race; the worst was In this wandering career, the certificate of pedigree carried by him was ripped off by the prison guard who did not know Arabic, and since then ��Shan�� lost his identity in the world. In the end, "Shan" became a working horse pulling carts for grocery shopping, doing rough work, and chopping wood. It can be said that the life of "Shan" was almost buried like this. However, no matter what difficulties were encountered, "Shen" and Agbar still persisted in their wandering journey, and came to Britain in a hurry. Cold eyes and ridicule, but it did not give up. After the power of the wheat spike pattern representing the omen disappeared, the sons of "Shan" ("Board", "Kade", "Emperor") were proud of the heroes in the horse races and won victory again and again. "Board" also won the highest prize in horse racing-the Queen's Award. The reputation of "King of the Wind" ultimately belongs to "Shan", and also belongs to its entire family, and its race has become the best racing horse breed Newport Cigarettes Coupons. "Shan" 's life is full of thorns and bumps. The "flashing" pattern of wheat ears brought both pain and indomitable spirit. When "Shan" changed from horse racing to horse-drawn, it thought that "Shan" 's life could end like this, but it re-written a new pedigree certificate with its perseverance. Try to think about the tenacious spirit behind the "Shan" life that bears humiliation and uses its own power to resolve the power of the wheat spike pattern! This book tells us: no matter what the circumstances, you must not give up on your own. When faced with difficulties, be brave enough to face them, don't shrink back. Difficulties are like springs. When you are strong, you are weak. When you are weak, you are strong. As long as we do not shrink back or yield before the difficulties, then the difficulties will bow to you. Maybe your starting point is different from others, but you can catch up with them and even surpass them through your efforts! Maybe you worked hard and worked hard, but you haven't climbed to the top of the mountain. What you lack is maybe the persistence of life. I read a book --- "King of the Wind" on the recommendation of my teacher this winter vacation. On the cover of the book was a red-brown horse, and a handsome little boy was standing next to it. This horse is the owner of the book-"Shan". "Shan" is the name of an Arabian horse, which means the sun. Aguba, a dumb boy, is a horse boy who takes care of "Shan". It was given the name because its fur was dyed golden red under the sun's rays, like the sun's rays. When "Shan" was born, there was a white dot on her right hind leg, which was a symbol of speed. It has a pattern of wheat ears on its chest, symbolizing bad news. The governor wanted to kill it, and Agbar stepped forward in time to save the "Shan" life. In the future, although they have endured hardships, they will never give up, and they will empathize with each other, finally making "Shan" the best variety and "King of the Wind". Although Agbar and Shem's story is very moving, it also tells us a kind of love-responsibility, and to be able to fight against the injustice of fate. In fact, there are many such people and things around us. Our parents have been responsible for our lives since we were born. Responsibility doesn't sound difficult, but it may be done for a lifetime, and it is more likely to pay the price of life. When Agbar fulfilled his responsibilities, he faced many difficulties and overcame them, because he wanted to prove the noble bloodlines of Shan, and in life, I also had the responsibilities that I had to fulfill��learning, I once had After finishing the homework, the teacher found it the next day and punished me to rewrite it ten times. Naturally, I could n��t go home on time when school was over. When I finished the homework, my mother took me home and gave me a hard blow. Never willing to move for a while, but one day really got angry, showing how important responsibility is! I ca n��t compare with Agbar. I feel ashamed of myself. This is one of the places I need to learn from him most. Secondly, I still need to learn from him the spirit of unfair destiny and courageous struggle, because when I encounter difficulties that I feel uncomfortable, I always think in my heart: Let ��s give up, I ca n��t get through anyway. Give up, give up ... So, I ca n��t always fight those difficulties, I always bow my head in front of them, and the courage in my heart is gradually gone. The book "King of the Wind" tells me a lot of truth: Everyone It may encounter many setbacks, encounter many ordeals, and encounter unfair destiny. However, we must not give up, we must not give up on our own. We must strive hard. Only with the persistent pursuit of this faith can we succeed.
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