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Samstag, 24. August 2019, 07:42

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One day in the spring of March, after the completion of the Xunyang Dam in Ningshan County, I took a medium-sized van in the morning of the next morning and rushed back from the 210 National Road. From 9:00 am on the shuttle bus, it is estimated that by 5 or 6 o'clock in the afternoon, you can return home. The shuttle bus runs all the way on the national road. From time to time, I look at the scenery outside the car window. The vegetation on the mountain has not completely sprouted. There is a hint of greenery in the dead leaves. Only the green forest sea formed by the pine trees shows the green hills. landscape. The trees on the side of the road quickly fell backwards, like driving the passengers in the car. At noon, the shuttle bus took a short break in the town of Guangqi Street After the passengers on the bus got off the bus for food or convenience, they continued to take the shuttle bus of Mercedes. The car is on the road, it can be regarded as the spring breeze, and it is smooth sailing. About the shuttle bus is still driving in Ningshan, I don��t know who said it sounded like snow drifting outside, and everyone didn��t pay attention. I looked at the blue sky and white clouds above my head, thinking about where there would be snow? Maybe it��s a cloud! The shuttle bus was on the national road and climbed over the mountains. The sun's rays shone down at the top of the mountain, and then hid in the hills. From time to time, my eyes looked at the rocks and rocks outside the window, the jungle cliffs, I couldn��t help thinking about it, and my thoughts were on the road. I don��t know when, the clouds suddenly floated out of the window, and the clouds on the top of the mountain slowly grew. It��s up. I think it was just blue sky and white clouds. How come snow flakes? The weather in this mountain, how to change it will change! Seeing that there are more and more snowflakes, the wind seems to be crazy. The shuttle bus runs on the winding mountain road and looks down from the window. The road is like a leucorrhea that wanders around the valley. The vehicles below are like small turtles crawling on the leucorrhea. When the shuttle has not climbed to the top of the mountain in front, the hills are already full of dark clouds, and there is a black cloud. Outside the window, I saw that the pine trees in the Wanzhang Gully had been covered with snow, and the black clouds rolled over the hills, as if the black dragons were churning. I suddenly remembered the natural scene of "the battle of Yulong three million, the defeated scales and the fullness of the sky", feeling that "flying up the Yulong three million, stirring up the cold days of the sun" strange scenery Cheap Cigarettes, I would like to come to Tang Zhen mentor and met what monsters What! On the road, the wind and snow rolled up on the ground and flew straight into the window. The temperature inside the car was a lot colder. Everyone hurriedly closed the window, put on a sweater, and looked out the window from time to time. The more the car blew, the more powerful it was. A squally wind slammed into the snow and it seemed to be pushing the car down Newport 100S. The car was struggling in the wind. At this time, the vehicles in front and rear were on the side of the road, saying that the traffic jam was in front and the road could not be driven. At this time, the sky was already dark and I couldn��t see the five fingers. The lights on the road were swaying. Some drivers looked at the sky, and hurriedly turned the front of the car
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