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Samstag, 24. August 2019, 07:41

rning the three holes, it was 12 n

This young man named him bright. Although the body is physically disabled, it is
very passionate about life. Guangming was a farmer in Dongzhuang Township, Qufu,
Shandong Province. When he was a child, the train was crushed with one arm and
one leg. The bright body treatment was able to go out to work, but the money did
not earn much, but the white eyes suffered a lot, so he returned to his hometown
Qufu and made a living near the three-hole scenic spot. Qufu, the brilliance of
the thoughts of Confucius and Mencius, which shined for thousands of years of
civilization and etiquette, gave him some spiritual comfort. Guangming has
wholesaled some three-hole publicity albums and travel products for sale, but
did not deliberately sell them to people. Instead, they enthusiastically
introduced to the tourists the common knowledge of the three-hole scenic spot,
which was not much mastered, and then sold the products by the way. That's how I
got to know the bright hole. Since Yantai��s friend bought me a ticket for 10
o'clock in the night, it was only five o'clock in the morning when the train
arrived in Pazhou. It took more than six o'clock in the morning to take a
10-minute bus ride to Qufu. I took a taxi to a hotel near the Three Holes. I
saved the package and eated it earlier. I arrived at the Confucius Scenic Spot
in Confucius at 7:00, but I didn't open it. I bought the book and stopped at the
door of a meritorious monument. At this time, the light suddenly appeared behind
me, saying that the above was the name of the person who donated money to repair
Confucius. At the end, he told me some three-hole anecdotes. I asked him how he
knew this. He said that he often listened carefully behind the tour guide. He
remembered the number of times. Looking at the crippled arm and the limping leg
held by Guangming, I suddenly said to him: "I will give you 30 yuan Carton Of Cigarettes, buy two
more books, and then invite you to dinner. You will Let me go with me to three
holes." Guangming readily promised. The gate of the Holy House finally opened.
Confucius is a famous scenic spot, and my walk with the light has almost become
a scene, and passers-by are looking forward to it. I also know that we are so
different in the eyes of ordinary people. But they don't know, I have the same
thing with Guangming: he is disabled, don't need to buy tickets; I am a
reporter, and I don't have to buy tickets. We are all leisurely and enter the
gate of the Holy House. Although the knowledge of light is limited, at least the
route is very familiar, which makes me take a lot less. The light is really
warm, except for all the way to explain it carefully, but also holding the
broken arm to help me take pictures Cigarettes For Sale. Guangming said
that he now believes in Catholicism. Since he has a religious belief Newport 100S, his heart has become
very peaceful and he never complained. He also said that he does not want to be
a burden on the family, he must learn to support himself. I asked him how he
sent it all day. He said that he would make a living in the scenic spot during
the day. He would find a place to rest at night, and sometimes he would spend a
night on the floor. When the light said these things, I heard it stunned, and
his face was not only calm, but also a smile, not even a little bit of pain and
sorrow. Feeling the enthusiasm of the light, I took a few photos for him and
promised to send it to him. The light said to me, he has no place, no address,
but gave me a QQ number, let me send it to that. . After turning the three
holes, it was 12 noon. I have to ask the bright noodles to eat the noodles. The
light asked me five yuan to say that I was eating. At this point, I went back to
Yinchuan with Guangming. I asked my daughter to help him to contact him on QQ,
but he was not online for a few days. My daughter went to school, I never used
QQ, but the promise must be honored, so I wrote this article, and put the photos
he took together into the reporter Wei Ping��s blog, looking forward to seeing
him, and also I hope that people who have seen the light can tell him about it.

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