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Samstag, 10. August 2019, 07:50

mly stuck in my memor

time, I had a firm belief in my heart: I would like to spill the blood of my life and flow a river of happiness for my mother. Then I finally got into the army with my will, in the test of blood and fire, In the fight between the spirit and the flesh, the Huazhang years of life with passion and youth are also step by step, and fifty-five years in the red dust. The rim engraves the memory of life, a touch of gold, a legend, a mark, a warm, every page opened in the cycle of life is beautiful I remember that my grandmother shook the fan and told the story. The words and sentences were as beautiful as flowers, gentle like a breeze, and they were firmly stuck in my memory and melted into my blood. When she smiled, the dark black cherry-like eyes were round and round, flashing with a happy and brilliant glow, and between the words, the strong white teeth were revealed in the glorious smile, despite the two clips. There are deep wrinkles, but the feeling is still very young. In her heart, there is a happy light that never goes out. This light guides me as always. Just because I passed on her happiness, and passed on the mother's perseverance, in that difficult time, I can use the strength to deal with the hardships of life and the rivers of the years. Nowadays, as a grandfather, I am happy to sing a childhood song for my granddaughter Cigarettes For Sale. Whenever I am surprised, I find that these extremely ordinary songs are more attractive to my granddaughter than computer rock music. Childish, she seems to be able to understand, with a small mouth, a small hand ah - ah - and sing, this will make me feel very surprised, but will pull me back to the old days of the past It seems to be rejuvenated. The mood is also like a pool of clear water, the world is clear, no mundane turbidity, no intrigue, no sinister intrigue, no false in the table, leaving the pure innocence. From then on, in the years of life, the colorful tassels, the wonderful motherly love deep, unforgettable in this world, the mother plays a decisive role in my life course. She is the navigation of each of my annual rings. In front of my mother, I will always be a child who is not long, and I am also worried about my mother forever. Now that my son has grown up and matured, I let my crows feed back and worry about her. In the depths of my heart, I always feel that the mother is the most beautiful woman in my life. Even today, when I am full of life and life, I am still beautiful. She used her unique woman's gentle tenacity and perseverance to deeply influence her wife and daughter-in-law. With her exemplary style, she created a harmonious and happy atmosphere of the same family, which made me and my son more confident in their work. In the real world, what is more happy than a harmonious atmosphere and a harmonious family? Knowing the new things, the autumn of life, the state of mind has no desire, no peace, quiet and high. In the years of life, the scratches are laid out in front of the rice paper, and all the life is only for the regret of not being in the lifetime. Record every state of mind, express every sentiment, every piece of style, every time you gaze, you will be indulged in the resume of life, add charm, moisten life, no longer dry, dry flowers, stalks, branches, birds fly, sprinkle The fall of the earth - life is such a glimpse. "Inadvertently, it has passed away. Years old, years old. "Dream is the most embarrassing, clear, honest, telling, the secret in your own soul. And hidden worry. "No? Life is like a dream. Every dream is played with the chords of life Newport 100S. It has never been rehearsed. Everything is live broadcast, so many lacks and regrets are so perfect. Life is scratched, traces or Deep or shallow, thick or light, or colorful or deep, or bright or deep... How to describe it? Or benevolent see the wise and see the wisdom. The deepest part of the soul, the deepest part of the universe, the habitat of the bright sun The tremors are spliced ??into pieces, and the singularity of the poems is deep and strong, but it is also light and dark with the years. The encounter in the infinite life is also the farewell of the infinite life. Where is the sea in the sea? So the heart is in the whirlpool, and it hurts. In the annual ring, the romance of the red rose is twisted in the gentlest softness, and it flashes in the age of aging. It��s awkward, crystal clear, it��s a piece of latitude and longitude when the thoughts are red and faint, and another round of life is carved into the scratches of half a century. I feel that who has lost my time, but I can��t hold it anymore. In the past years, in Put in the effort to weave colorful silk costumes, enchanting golden my life! Life's ups and amazing! Overspill Fangfei life!
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